How to Apply

How to Apply with Medical Student Advisors


First confirm if you have the following requirements.

    Speak English?

  • We work only with clients who have a decent understanding of the English language. If you cannot write in English to us, in an understandable way, it means you are going to have difficulty studying medicine in English. Makes sense, yes? If you are applying to the French program, we can help you only if you are able to speak enough English to communicate with us. We can also provide support in Hungarian, Romanian and Spanish. Sorry nobody on our team speaks French or German yet.
  • Do you have a passport?

  • You must have a valid passport or at least have a temporary passport with the application for full passport already submitted.
  • Are you of legal age? Passed High school?

  • You must be at least 18 yrs of age and have completed high school. This means that you have completed 12th Grade in the US/Canada and elsewhere. In the UK it means you have received your A-levels. Elsewhere this is called matric certificate, high school certificate, senior school certificate, baccalaureate No you do not need college or you do not require an excellent result sheet. Anybody who has successfully passed their overall final exams may apply.
  • Can you finance yourself?

  • You must have your own form of financing your studies by student loans, wonderful parents or generous sponsors.

If you meet the preliminary requirements above then you may complete the online application by clicking on the Apply Online link.

To begin the application with us, register on this site and complete your online application profile.

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