Questions and answers for new visitors

Here are some questions and answers to briefly tell you about our service and how we can help you get an internationally recognized, quality education as a Health Care Professional.

What do we do?

We provide services for international students who are looking for opportunities to study medicine at affordable and accredited medical schools. Our clients who are from the United States, Canada, UK, UAE, India, Pakistan, South Africa, many African Countries and from just about every other country are placed into medical schools that offer programs in English, French, Romanian and Spanish. Our clients apply for the 6yr Medical Doctor, Dentistry and postgraduate/specialization programs.


Problem – Shortage of medical seats and quality medical education

Around the world there is a large number of individuals who strongly desire to become Health professionals like doctors and dentists. Unfortunately due to aggressive competition, shortage of seats and high entrance requirements many go without having this desire realised.

Solution – Study Abroad

Often these individuals look at international medical schools as an alternative way to qualify as health professionals and find opportunities in the Caribbean, UK, Ireland, Australia, Europe and Asia. Unfortunately these alternatives usually bring about their own challenges.

More challenges – Cost, competition, credibility/recognition, language barriers, strong entrance requirements and challenging environment or location of the university.

Many of these alternatives have entrance exams requiring the candidate to travel to the place of study to write an entrance exam before getting accepted. Often these schools have much higher tuition fees for foreign students than local students, which when added to the cost of living makes the total cost of study far beyond the reach of most international students. Caribbean, UK, Australian and many European universities fall into this category. Newly established private universities have credibility and recognition of the qualification issues. They also have high tuition fees. Many European universities also have high tuition fees for foreign students, language issues where the program requires the candidate to learn a new language or the university is located in an environment that international students find unpleasant.

An opportunity to overcome these challenges. Study in Romania!

Medical Student Advisors creates and promotes opportunities for international students to study in medical universities which are recognized, affordable and which offer a very high standard of education. All the universities we work with…

  • offer their programs in English or Spanish
  • are accredited with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in their country
  • Allow applicants to enter residency in the US, UK, Canada and in most other countries.
  • Are listed with FAIMER, ECFMG and the WHO
  • Have established communities of international students and are located in pleasant, safe student friendly environment
  • Have achievable entrance requirements

What kind of services?

Our most important services are:

  • We take care of the application process for you and ensure that your application is *correctly* processed.
  • We provide critical information about the study environment, completing your registration when you arrive and preparing for the move.
  • We assist with logistics prior to departure and on arrival, visa, travel and accommodation.
  • We council you and help you make a decision that is best for you, by providing information about the options available.

To read more about the value of our service, click here Our service is not cryptic! We do not pull strings to get you accepted, OK? However our 6 years of experience and 98% success rate make us well worth investing in. Please do read about our service value to see why you can really benefit from making use of our organization.

Is there still enough time to apply for this academic year in Romania?

Yes! However it’s best you apply as soon as possible. Although applications close in September, most places are taken by August.

Which universities do you work with?

We work mainly with Romanian universities. Clients may use our service to apply to any Romanian medical school.In 2012 we will be offering placement services in South America, China and Phillipines. In Romania we recommend the universities in Iasi, Cluj, Constanta and Timisoara and can process your application for any of the universities located there. *note we are in the process of updating our website with more information on each university. The four medical schools we work primarily with, are almost identical with regards to the quality of education, living environment and recognition of degree.

What language medium is the medical program offered in?

All the universities we place students in have an English language program for the full 6 years. Some offer the Bachelor of Medicine program in French. There are also Romanian language programs. All language programs receive the same education and have to pass the same license exam after the 6 years.

Are there programs other than Bachelor of Medicine in English?

Yes. We can place candidates in Dentistry and Pharmacy as well. The Dentistry program is 6 years and Pharmacy is 5 yearsin duration.

Can I transfer from another university to a Romanian medical university?

Yes. Romanian universities are part of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) as well as Socrates programs. If your previous studies were similar to the program at the applied to university, it is possible for you to get placed into an advanced year. Click here to read more about transferring your credits to a Romanian Medical University.

What do you charge for your service?

We have several reasonably priced service packages with the most affordable package starting at €995.00. Please create an account and login to find out more about our MSA Go Study service packages.

Why should we use your service?

There are many reasons. It would be best to read this article on reasons for using our service. If you are interested in studying medicine in Romania and are looking for a very affordable, accessible and internationally accredited opportunity to study medicine, our service will be of much value to you.

What does it cost to study medicine in Romania?

Tuition fees are presently at $3600 per year for international students for the bachelor of medicine program at all the universities. Yes, thats correct US$3 600 per annum. It’s the same fee for Dentistry and Pharmacy. Yes it is one of the most affordable medical tuition fees you can find anywhere on our planet today at a legitimate medical university. The university in Timisoara charges €4000 per year for EU students. Cluj charges approximately € 2500 for EU students and Constanta as well as Iasi charge the same fee for EU and non-EU students. Postgraduate programs are 3 800US$ per annum. These fees do not include living expenses and accommodation. Please look here for international student budget for Romania which includes information on monthly living expenses and fees.

What is the process for applying using your service?

Create an account for yourself on this website and follow the instructions. More information is available once you create an account and log in to your application profile. Click here to read more frequently asked questions. Click here to create an account for yourself on this website.