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Dr. Atomic Leow

Dr Atomic Leow

Dear Medical Student Advisors (MSA),

Thank you for doing so much. Your organisation has made application to the Medical Schools in Romania a straight forward and easy task minus all the hassles. I will not hesitate to recommend to all my friends to use this wonderful and invaluable service. Once again, I want to thank all the staff at MSA especially Diviah and Christina for going an extra mile to help. God bless MSA for the wonderful service rendered to the International applicants.

Gratefully yours,

Dr. Atomic Leow
B.Agr.Sc(Hons), Dip.Ed., Ph D (Toxicology), Dip. C.S. (summa cum laude), M.Div. (s

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British Student in Studying Dentistry in Romania

Mujtubah Rasheed - UK

MSA is made up of a great group of people, who were there to help and organise the entire procedure. I am really grateful to both Diviah and Cristina for doing so much to make my dream of studying Dentistry come true.

MSA provides an amazing service, with constant contact and very quick replies to any questions. I definitely recommend MSA to anyone who wants to study Medicine or Dentistry, they really make the admissions process a lot easier.

Thank You very much Diviah and Cristina and the rest of MSA. 

Mujtubah Rasheed - UK

[Editor: Thanks Mujtubah! We really enjoyed working with you. Ple

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Accepted at UMF Gr.T Popa from Iasi and "Iuliu Hatieganu" from Cluj-Napoca- 2018/2019 academic year

Med student advisor Is the most excellent choice of all when I made a
decision to study medicine in the eastern Europe, they have provided
highest level professional services for every steps that I took, I
have been accepted by TOP universities of Romania, both UMF at cluj
and Iasi, Overall I had an amazing experience provided by Med student
advisor team, special and heartfelt thanks to Cristina who
 relentlessly assisted me through this medical student journey that I
took. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a
place in medical schools across Europe .


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Mohammed Ajaz-UK-he will graduate this year (in 2019)

Mohammed Ajaz

To the team at Med Student Advisors,

As we are now well into the academic year, I feel I have not yet thanked the team at Med Student Advisors for all the help and advice that I was given during my application.

I thought at the time It was going to be an uphill struggle to find a place at a good University to study general medicine, which has been a life long ambition. Santan, who for me was the first point of contact at Med Student Advisors, came across as very supportive and was always there to answer any questions and to address any concerns I had.

My application was made for the Univers

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Australian Medical Student in Romania

Matt Rikard-Bell - Australia

Myself and my brother James would like to thank MSA for their support and hard-work over the past few months. We are both university students from Australia who have always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and MSA has helped make that goal achievable.

A personal thank-you has to be made to Cristina who has been amazing over the last few months. Cristina was our direct link with MSA. She regularly kept us up-to-date with our applications; promptly answered any questions that we may have had and provided us with critical advice when needed. Thank -you Cristina!! 

Matt Rikard-Bell - Austra

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British Medical Student

British Medical Student Mehvish

'Dear MSA.
I would like to let you know that your help has been great and Cristina is very very helpful, she has helped us EU students so much and has worked very hard.
Me and my father are very happy with the way everything has been sorted out by Cristina and she has helped me to find a great apartment.
She is truly a nice person and we are glad that she works with MSA..

Mehvish Khan

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Medical Student from Nigeria

Medical Student from Nigeria

Dear mrs Kelly Moodley and mr Diviah Naidoo,

We Linda's parents Mr. John Ikem and Mrs. Pat Ikem wish you and all MSA staff a happy new year. We are so grateful for all your surport for Linda and Okey. The road was so dark at a time but you people kept our hope alive . We are so grateful and we pray that the good lord will contiune to keep you all , may his eternal light continue to keep you all and his blessings even flow out more on you this new year.


From Mr and Mrs Ikem [Linda's parents]''

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Norwegian Medical Student -TRANSFER

Paul Arunkumar Thevanathan - Norway

Thats sooo greeeaaaaaat !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much !!!!!!!! Without you I would not come this far !!!!!! Thanks too you and your MSA team !!!!!!

Paul Arunkumar Thevanathan - Norway

[MSA - Paul is a transfer student from Norway we helped get into the 2nd year of the medical program in Romania]

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United Arab Emirates Med Student

United Arab Emirates Med Student

I would like to thank MSA and my adviser for all the help and advise on the applications and Romanian Education System.

I found the application process very user friendly and easy to do.

Thank you.
Hussain Hassan

Hussain Hassan

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