Application Process – A step by step guide to completing your application

Our 8 Step application Process
Step 1: Complete your application profile for a free evaluation

Step 2: Online application under review
Step 3: Online application accepted
Step 4: Deposit received.
Step 5: Documents received.
Step 6: Application submitted.
Step 7: Acceptance letter received.
Step 8: We help you get settled

Step 1 – Complete your application profile & upload documents. Free evaluation.

Time to complete your Application Profile. Click through each of the Application Profile categories and ensure that all fields are complete. Upload the following documents to your account:

  • Copy of Passport (Let us know if you are still applying for it)
  • Birth Certificate
  • High School/Senior School certificate with results (Let us know if you are waiting for results)
  • Personal statement. Upload your personal statement as a MS Word, PDF or text file.

Once all of this is complete, click on the orange “Submit Application” button under your Application Dashboard. Read our terms and conditions, confirm you’ve read this document here on the application process and click the Submit Application button below the check-boxes. Once this is complete, someone from our team will review your information. We may call you to chat about a few things if need be. If everything looks good, we’ll change your application to step 2 and upload an invoice for you. This means we think you have a fair chance of being accepted and we are happy to work with your file.

Step 2 – Your Application Profile is under review

We try to have all on-line applications reviewed within 48hrs. Usually on weekdays, we have applications reviewed within a few hours. For some applications we may call you to ask a few questions. Please make sure your mobile telephone number has been correctly filled in.

After we look closely at your file and possibly call you, we’ll make a decision about how good a chance you have of being accepted. If you have a great chance of being accepted, then we’ll invoice you immediately. But if we feel you have a limited chance of getting accepted, then we’ll advise you first and only invoice you if you understand that although you have a chance, it may not be a strong one

Don’t be disappointed or even hesitate to try. We have so many stories to tell of the least likely candidates getting accepted. Sometimes all it takes is a good CV, a strong personal statement and lots of extra-curricular activity to get a file with weak results accepted. This is a secret! Don’t tell everyone 🙂

Step 3 – Online Application reviewed and accepted.

Your on-line application has been reviewed and approved by MSA. An invoice has been created based on your package selection. Please make payment as soon as possible. Accounts department will notify you once your funds reflect in our account.

Step 4 – Your deposit has been received.

Thank you for your payment. Your invoice has been updated to reflect your payment amount. Please do not send any documents until we ask you to. We will guide you by providing exact information on how to prepare your application file. One of our team will send you an updated list of requirements. Once the documents are ready to be sent to our offices, we will ask you to scan and upload each of them to our website. We’ll examine each one with a magnifying glass! You’ll be surprised to hear how many applications are unsuccessful because of errors with documentation. We’ve seen applicants with the best grades not get accepted (they did not apply via us!) and some of our clients with poor grades get accepted.

Step 5 – Your documents were received & reviewed.

Your application file has been carefully prepared and placed in next batch of submissions. We’ll track the progress of your application from here on an notify you as soon as it has been submitted. We usually submit files every Monday and twice a week later in the application cycle.

Step 6 – Your application has been submitted. Awaiting acceptance letter.

Now here’s something important for you to acknowledge and understand. The preparation of an application file is an exact science. By letting us help you prepare your application file, you have a better chance of getting accepted. But what happens after your file is submitted is sometimes unclear. We use our experience and contacts to stay on top of what’s happening to your application file, but there are times where the only thing we all can do is wait. Sometimes we travel to the ministry of education and sometimes to the university to follow up. We call our contacts at each university on a regular basis. There are black holes in the application process after the file is submitted. Usually this happens when the file reaches the ministry of education, which handles thousands of files. Particularly in Romania, the communication between the ministry and the universities is not ideal.

It can take up to 2 months before we receive a decision from the university or ministry.

The point here is that we’re on top of it. Please don’t be offended if we are slow to respond to tickets asking things like: “How much longer?” or “Have I been accepted?”. You can be assured that you will be the first to know when we have news about your file. Please be patient. Thanks!

Step 7 – Acceptance letter received. Congratulations!

Please resolve any outstanding payments on your invoice. All outstanding invoices must be resolved before we send a copy of the acceptance letter. Once all outstanding amounts have been resolved, we will scan and upload a copy of the acceptance letter as soon as we receive it. If you have already taking care of any outstanding balances on your invoices, then we will scan and upload your acceptance letter the moment it arrives.

Please be sure to look at our additional services for students who were accepted.

Step 8 – We help you get settled in.

Thanks for using our logistic services. By using our apartment finding, registration assistance and airport pickup services, not only will you be saving time, but you’ll also be saving money. We make sure you get the best deals and that nobody takes advantage of you because you’re a new comer to the place. We also help you find suitable room mates which brings down your monthly rental. You’ll be guided step by step to getting to your study destination and getting settled.