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Asanda Nxele

Med student advisor Is the most excellent choice of all when I made a decision to study medicine in the eastern Europe, they have provided highest level professional services for every steps that I took

My consultant at Med Student Advisors, Cristina, was very courteous and helpful in answering all the questions that I had. She advised me every step of the way and provided valuable insight as well as working hard and walking the extra mile to ensure success with my application.

I do not know where to begin, you have been so nice and supportive, I would never come this far without your help, special thanks has to be made to Mr Diviah and Ms Cristina for being for working so har...

A special thank you to Cristina who was very reliable and always responded very quickly to any questions I had and helped with issues as they came up (on top of having to deal with many other applicants). She was a major source of advice on how to do things correctly and kept me up to date with all the latest news...

Thank you very much MSA and specially thanks to Cristina who trusted in me and show me what to do in difficult times. I'm so excited after hearing these news. I can't explain my feelings in words. Again thank you very much to all MSA team.

...I am very happy with the efforts of the MedStudent Advisor team in helping me realise this.When I first learnt about MedStudent Advisor i decided to give it a try. I can proudly say that I am delighted at the outcome of their hard work.

Hi Cristina You are such nice person that i have ever deal with:) Thank you for your trust!! Such beautiful and nice people Cristina and Diviah.. Thanks for your help and support us I trust you guys:)

I used MSA services to assist my nephew in applying to Medical School in Iasi as well as to arrange for him to be picked up in the Iasi train station, and assisted in housing, registration, visa extension, etc. MSA members are highly professional, effective and reliable.

... I thank Cristina with all my heart and am forever grateful for all that she and the team at MSA have done for me. I can confidently say that if I had to go through the same process once again, I would go through Med Student Advisors...

Myself and my brother James would like to thank MSA for their support and hard-work over the past few months. We are both university students from Australia who have always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and MSA has helped make that goal achievable.

MSA is made up of a great group of people, who were there to help and organise the entire procedure. I am really grateful to both Diviah and Cristina for doing so much to make my dream of studying Dentistry come true...

Thats sooo greeeaaaaaat !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words !!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much !!!!!!!! Without you I would not come this far !!!!!! Thanks too you and your MSA team !!!!!!

I really appreciate all your efforts, to get me admitted this year. Thanks!

I am really thankful to you guys. The service which you are providing is really very helpful. You makes the process for a student very easy.

You people were INCREDIBLY HELPFUL!!! thank you so much!

Thank you. We found all the updates on the website very useful. I am looking forward to studying in Romania

I would like to thank MSA and my adviser for all the help and advise on the applications and Romanian Education System.

I want to thank MSA unreservably for overseeing my application to the medical school at Romania. Your service provided for the medical students are simply great and second to none.

MSA have been very wonderful to me. They are so accurate and efficient in their dealing with international students like me.

The MSA website is easy to navigate and extremely efficient in assisting students. To the MSA staff i just want to say KEEP IT UP.

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a medical doctor. But the questioning now was by which mean am I to acquire this goal? And the answer came after soo many years and that was through Medical Student Adviser(MSA)...

I am so far so satisfied with MSA services in general.. and to that of Mr Diviah Naidoo.. who promptly responds to all my questions

Am very grateful for the attention given me so far. I can say there is efficiency in your services.thanks.

I think it is the best opportunity one could ever have. I don't know why I didn't meet your services early enough. Your services is very attractive.

I am confident with this service. My first impression is that it appears serious and myself and my parents we can have confident.

Mr Diviah,thank you from the bottom of our hearts once again. you never know how much hope you've given us. give kelly our very very best wishes.

We were not just numbers to you and for that i am really greatfully continue keeping up the good work. to you and the rest of the msa staff i hope your'll have the greatest of success in the forth coming years.

Words can not express my joy all thanks to you,Mrs Kelly.My dad should be calling you soon, he is presently in the U.K and he is very happy about everything.

Ms. Kelly, on behalf of Timothy, Liana Timothy's mom and Clara sister of Timothy, we would like to thank you for the great effort and help from you for all the process since last year.

I am a marketing director and producer for a South African production agency and am very specific to detail and service quality. I was most impressed with the service of the Medical Student Advisors admissions office who took care of everything from the start.

I feel sorry for the people outside of MSA, they did not get the chance of meeting these wonderful people in such intimite circumstances. And I can only imagine the struggle they went through to get done everything we did.

Let me say thank you for all the assistance you have given us as a family that has enabled him to embark on the road of his life long dream. It will have not been possible but for your assistance. Than you.

THANK YOU! I appreciate what your person represented in this pilgrimage of my life, at the time YOU WERE THERE for me, most striking was your observation of my mood and other things worth mentioning but best kept for posterity, thank you yet again...

Hi cristina, thank you sooo much for all your help in Romania...I really appreciate it.. I am looking forward to meeting you soon...

I would like to let you know that your help has been great and Cristina is very very helpful, she has helped us EU students so much and has worked very hard...

We Linda's parents Mr. John Ikem and Mrs. Pat Ikem wish you and all MSA staff a happy new year. We are so grateful for all your surport for Linda and Okey. The road was so dark at a time but you people kept our hope alive...

When I came to Romania, it was quite a different place to what I was used to. The language completely overwhelmed me. However, as soon as I arrived at the airport, I found Kristina waiting for me. After settling in, she helped me with my registration, finding an excellent apartment and getting settled in... On top of all that, she’s a really good friend always looking out for the best interest of everyone.

We are impressed with what the MSA team did and we will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends and other people seeking admission for their children.

I traveled with my son and 2 other fathers with their children to Romania after arrangements were made with MSA and everything went well. We were picked up from the airport, accommodation was arranged and we were given all the help and guidance in Oradea. I highly recommend the service of the Medical Student Advisors.

Studying medicine was always my life long dream when I came across Medical Student Advisors advertisement in a local paper I saw this as an opportunity to realise this dream. After making contact with Medical Student Advisors, everything was taken care of thereafter...

I was interested in postgraduate studies after graduating and am very grateful for the Medical Student Advisors office for making arrangements for me to do my specialization in this foreign medical universities.

All my documents were processed by Medical Student Advisors and when I arrived in Romania, I was greeted personally at my Hotel. Thanks for all the help and assistance.

"The application, logistics and orientation process was well taken care of by Medical Student Advisors."

"I have since graduated at Oradea University and am now studying for my PLEB exams which I hope to write in September 2004. Thanks to the staff at the International Admissions office for helping me realise one of my life long dreams."

I was very happy to meet an MSA representative at the airport in Bucharest, where we waited for some other students to arrive. ..

Thank you to Medical Student Advisors staff for all your assistance and guidance, without which we would have not managed to get my son into a european medical school

Thanks to MSA, everything was as they said it would be. Cristina, the MSA representative in Romania spent every moment with me to make sure I was happy and content with the apartment and general stuff... So MSA was a life saver. NO student would regret being here.

You are doing a great job for foreign students.You are not only making admission but their future.These are not 'only' words,it is reality.One thing that is very Good i.e i found MSA very Friendly...

Your service is simply great.

I would just like to comment on your helpfulness and hospitality, you seem to take your work seriously yet passionately at the same time, a sign that you happen to like what you are doing which is a good thing i suppose; one of the many examples is that the MSA even took the liberty of calling me when required.

Keep it up! you are doing a good job.My cousin got her admission into Oradea university through your help and I know I will get mine too.I like the way you answer to the needs of the applicants.Thanks and God bless.

I have found Kely Moodley extemely supportive and helpful.

I appriciate all the easy steps to follow to make things easy for us, the fast they are in responding to mails and the website, and the way of doing things...