Raymond Ehiemere, Nigeria

Raymond Ehiemere – Nigeria

”Hello Diviah,

How are you today? I hope your health is in good condition and in faith with the weather of the moment.

I didn’t think it would have taken me this long to contact you on getting there but, it’s been a load for me to carry, irrespective of the awareness that primarily it was business, to say; THANK YOU! I appreciate what your person represented in this pilgrimage of my life, at the time YOU WERE THERE for me, most striking was your observation of my mood and other things worth mentioning but best kept for posterity, thank you yet again.

I appreciate also your efforts in the person of Cristina, on and of the record; she is a DARLING and worth everything good. Life I realise ultimately; is not about money but how much our lives are used as a support to edge another soul HIGHER above the demerits of GLOOM.

I have dedicated myself through God to be a Success even a successful doctor but I must ask; what informed your organisation’s choice of Oradea, with Cluj and Iasi in existence because, that’s the question I get many a times.

I wish you a greater cadre this April, smile, you are alive- that’s the most important thing.”