Kapil Maharaj, South Africa

Kapil Maharaj – South Africa (Durban)

MSA has open doors to something really fruitful to us as Med Students. Before leaving Durban, i was scared, because it was my first time leaving home. I thought,oh boy, what am I doing. I wanted to study Medicine since childhood. The medical university is really kewl. The degree that we obtain from studying here is THE BEST! We can work virtually anywhere in the world once we’re qualified! The life in this small city is peaceful and has a great atmosphere to it. Just everything that a Med Student needs. I taught id miss home a lot, but with msn and skype, its like im not far from home!

Thanks to MSA, everything was as they said it would be. Cristina, the MSA representative in Romania spent every moment with me to make sure I was happy and content with the apartment and general stuff. She took me shopping as well. So MSA was a life saver. NO student would regret being here. Now all thats left, is pursuing my dream 😉