What are the entrance requirements for Romanian Medical Universities?

What are the entrance requirements Romanian Medical Universities? Are there entrance exams for? How do I get accepted?

While this depends on which university you’re applying to, at the bare minimum in 2020 all applicants are required to have a highschool higher grade pass with some science subjects in order to apply.

In the past only Bucharest Medical University Carol Davilla had an entrance exam. Since the 2007 surge in the number of applicants to Romanian Medical Schools, most of the universities have some form of evaluation criteria in the event of there being more applications to the medical faculty than there are seats available, which has been the case every year. From the January 2020, at the start of the pandemic, applications have understandably decreased.

Cluj Medical University which generally has 6-7 times more applicants has their own evaluation criteria, which by the way is not based only on high school grades.

At the time of writing (2020) Vasile Goldis University https://medstudentadvisors.com/vasile_goldis_university_arad.html , Bucharest Medical University-Carol Davila Medical University, Oradea University and Timisoara Medical University all mention an entrance exam based on fundamentals of high school level science subjects. We’ve received feedback from our clients that this exam is basic.

Some universities also have an exam earlier in the application cycle for EU applicants only. Candidates who pass this exam can benefit from a reduction in tuition fee. This is a dynamic landscape where the regulations and procedures are constantly changing. Best to follow us on Facebook or on Twiter for the latest updates.

Although not an entrance exam to medical school per say, some universities have an assessment exam to evaluate the candidates capacity to communicate in the program language. Let’s use the example of a medical student from Sweden who does not natively speak English, applies to an English language medical school program. If the applicant has not studied for four consecutive years in an English language institute or does not have an internationally recognised English certification like TOEFL, Cambridge and so on, they will need to prove proficiency in the language of instruction.

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