Australian Medical Student in Romania

Matt Rikard-Bell - Australia

Myself and my brother James would like to thank MSA for their support and hard-work over the past few months. We are both university students from Australia who have always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and MSA has helped make that goal achievable.

A personal thank-you has to be made to Cristina who has been amazing over the last few months. Cristina was our direct link with MSA. She regularly kept us up-to-date with our applications; promptly answered any questions that we may have had and provided us with critical advice when needed. Thank -you Cristina!! 

Matt Rikard-Bell - Australia

Our Comments

It was a pleasure serving Matt. He was attentive to all our guidance and managed to gather all the documents for his application to a Romanian medical school very quickly. We love working with med school applicants from Australia.

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