Iuliu Hatieganu University Quickie

  • Most international campus in Romania.
  • Very high competition.
  • Application evaluations based on high school results and other relevant extracurricular activities
  • English, French, and Romanian programs.
  • Founded in 1872.
  • Located in large city with international airport. Direct flights from Europe.
  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and  Veterinary  Science programs available.
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Our Perspective of Iuliu Hatieganu

Definitely one of the most popular universities in Romania. Cluj Medical University, as it’s often called, is not just a leader in Romania, but in the world. Management and leadership at the university have our thumbs up! Apparently faculty members have a very down-to-earth attitude and maintain close contact with the alumni.

If you apply early enough and have fairly good grades, then Cluj Medical University is well worth submitting an application to.

Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, maintains close relationships with the hospitals in the city and students have abundant opportunity for clinical practice.

Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City like?

Any day of the week, be assured of there always being something to do in Cluj. Cluj offers a vibrant social life for students. All the Romanian universities we work with are in university cities, with a large percentage of the population being students. Students always bring a certain kinda fresh vibrancy to the place and Cluj is definitely one of those awesome upbeat places where 6 years of study will go by too fast! We personally like smaller towns. Big cities are fun to visit now and then, but who wants to be stuck in traffic every day?

Kenvael Le Cam - France

A special thank you to Cristina who was very reliable and always responded very quickly to any questions I had and helped with issues as they came up (on top of having to deal with many other applicants). She was a major source of advice on how to do things correctly and kept me up to date with all the latest news...


€6000 per year for undergraduate studies. The same fee for EU and non-EU.

Graduate Diploma
Program Languages Fee
Medical Doctor English, French 6000
Veterinary English, French
Pharmacy English, French 6000
Dentistry English, French 6000

FAQs for Iuliu Hatieganu University

  • Who may apply?
    Anyone eligible from any country. Science subjects get preference, although early applicants with fair results and no science subjects can also get accepted. In the past, we managed to get clients as young as 16 accepted.
  • What chances do I have of getting accepted?
    The competition to get a seat at Cluj Medical School is strong. Don’t take chances here. Make sure you have a 100% perfectly prepared file or use the service of professionals (us!) to give you a hand.
  • What documents do I need to apply?
    The requirements change every year. Really they do! The correct preparation of your application file is crucial. Please create an account for yourself on our site to receive the latest update on documents required for application to UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu” from Cluj Napoca.
  • What are the fees?
    Presently Cluj Medical University charges € 6000 per annum for undergraduate studies.

Faculty of Dental Medicine
Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

4 Louis Pasteur, Second floor, 400349 Cluj-Napoca
Tel: +40-264-406-844
Fax: +40-264-597-257

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