Complete the visa extension process

Go again to the police for foreigners and submit the following documents:

  • Visa forms fully completed. You will get it from foreign affairs office that you visited in Step 1.
  • Photocopy of acceptance letter – only in the first year of study in Romania
  • Apartment contract for one year. Legalized at notary or Financial administration. Original and copy (Finance are located –Piata Avram Iancu)
  • Medical ADEVERINTA received from a Romanian doctor to prove that the student doesn’t have any contagious deseases.
  • Bank statement – in the balance- 2500 $-nonEU – except EU students and students born in Romania and no longer Romanian citizens
  • Passport – original and copy( the pages where the visa is and the pages where the picture and student details are and pages where the last stamp of the entry in Romania is).
  • The receipt for your payment of the 60US$ at CEC
  • The receipt for the 1 Lei which you paid at any postal office – taxa extrajudiciara.
  • The medical insurance which you purchased if you are 26yrs and older, or the European Union Medical card.
  • The receipt of payment for the 394 Lei which you paid at CEC. Not applicable for EU students.
  • Receipt for the 3 Lei tax you paid at CEC.
  • Letter from university – only if it’s required
  • 2 passport size photographs – only if it’s required

You will need the same documents every year to reniw your residential permit( except the acceptance letter which is needed only in the first year of study). If sufficient funds are not available in your bank account, we recommend getting a bank statement before paying your fees. You may also borrow funds from a friend, deposit it, get a statement and then return the funds(Non-EU). Don’t tell them we told you this!