Craiova Medical University Quickie

  • Separate faculties for Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing
  • English language section available only for 6 yr MD program
  • Newest English language section in Romania.
  • One of the largest faculties in Romania
  • Most recent on the scene to offer an English language program to international students
  • Moderate competition because the English section it was opened in 2012

Our Perspective on Craiova Medical University

Being one of four universities in Romania with a faculty of Nursing and Midwives, Craiova Medical University is one of Romania’s largest universities with the most number of students. The university being well established, only recently began offering an English language program to International students. This being an advantage, because candidates will generally find high level of competition at other Romanian Medical Schools, may stand a better chance of being accepted here.

Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City like?

Craiova being only 200km from Bucharest, is Romania’s 6th largest (by population) city in Romania.


€5000 per year for undergraduate studies

We’ve only just added this university to our listing and will update this page with more info soon.

Graduate Diploma
Program Languages Fee
Pharmacy English 5000
Medical Doctor English 5000

FAQs for Craiova Medical University

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