EU recognized medical degree

There is no automatic recognition of academic diplomas within EU countries.

The same applies to medical degrees from European Union countries. Each country is responsible for the recognition of qualifications issued by EU countries and individually assess qualifications according to their education & health system. This is with regards to recognition of a qualification for the purpose of further study. For example, someone who qualified as a medical doctor in Romania (an EU member country) would not automatically be able to enter into post-graduate studies in Austria.

Recognition of a professional qualification for the purpose of work is another issue. If your field of work is regulated within the EU country within which you wish to work, then you would have to register with the regulation authority for that profession within the country you wish to work. For example, medical doctors that qualified in Romania, that want to practice in the UK, need to register with the GMC before they can continue to pursue a career in the private or public sector. With regards to the medical profession, EU countries will require registration with the country authority for health care and nothing else.

The Romanian medical qualification is recognized throughout EU member countries allowing one to find employment as a health care proffesional. The requirements to register with the countries regulation authority for health care, will vary. It’s critical that candidates who are intending to study medicine in Romania, contact their country authority first to find out about the requirements for returning to practice after qualifying.