Go to CEC to pay for visa

Go to the Casa De Economii y Concemnatiuni (CEC) to pay various fees for your temporary residence permit. These fees are paid annually and are less for for students from European Union countries. These fees must be paid and all receipts kept safely as they are required for the file you will submit to the foreign affairs department for your residence permit. Yes, bureaucracy can be a pain, we know!

What will you require before going to CEC

  • Current day exchange 0f 60 US$ into Romanian Lei with receipt for the exchange.
  • Postal Tax (taxa extrajudiciara)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Copy of passport

Casa De Economii si Consemnatiuni din Romania S.A (CEC)
Bulevardul 21 Decembrie
Opening hours
Luni-Vineri: 8.30-15.30 / 16.00-18.00


  • 60 US$ – CEC wants you to pay Romanian Lei to the value of 60US$. You must change any foreign currency to US$ and then use the US$ to buy Lei, keeping the receipt safe. When paying the fee at CEC you will be required to provide the receipt to show the exchange was done on the same day at the current US$ to Lei trading rate. We know, don’t ask!
  • 1 Lei – can be payed at any postal office and the receipt kept safe – In Romanian it is called taxa extrajudiciara.
  • 26yrs and older – Medical insurance. This can be purchased at national insurance company (CAS – Casa de Asigurari de Sanatate) from Cluj.
    Casa de Asigurari de Sanatate
    Str. Constantei nr.5
  • 394.25 lei – Cost of residential permit. Paid at the CEC. ONLY NON EU STUDENTS
  • 3 lei – Tax for application form. Paid at CEC

* CEC is pronounced Check