How can I be sure that this is a legitimate company providing a legitimate service and its not just a scam?

Hi,I know this is a really horrible topic, but how can I be sure that this is a legitimate company providing a legitimate service and its not just a scam? Is there any way of finding this out? I can't seem to find much info on google and all testimonials are on your websites.It just sounds too good to be true... Kind Regards xxx

Thank you for being so straight forward and asking this important question. Lets see if we can address your concerns…

Med Student Advisors belongs to the Khanyi group of companies and trades under the name of Med Student Advisors. Khanyi Media is a registered corporation in the state of Delaware (File #3839662). Med Student Advisors has been in business since 2001 and we have established a solid reputation in a somewhat challenging industry sector. We have worked hard to get where we are today and will not do anything to tarnish the reputation of our company.

How can I be sure that this is a legitimate company providing a legitimate serviIn international business today, there are very strict regulations in place that prevent fraudulent organisations from “scamming” people, yet there are people who set up shop for a short period of time, rob people of their hard earned money and dissapear thereafter. We have come accross several companies who copied content from our website and published it on websites that appeared over night. Unfortunately people have lost money to them and they tarnish the image of our industry.

One of the first clues of a fraudulent organisation is their banking system. No international banks will do business with a company that they are uncertain about. We bank with the biggest bank in the US (Chase) and one of the best international banks in Riga, Latvia. We have been awarded a certificate of good standing from state authorities for every year of our existence. We are also registered with the DUNS database, a requirement for all US companies that do business with the US government. Our Federal D-U-N-S number is: 078739584

You will notice we maintain the highest level of transparency in our operations and are happy to answer any questions you have. All the testimonials on our website are from real people who are clients of ours. We maintain accountability for all our actions. You will notice the friendly and personal service you get from our team. As a company we are here to stay and are committed to growing our reputation and reach of our service.

We understand why you’re asking this question. Online forums are plagued with students complaining about being ripped off by “agencies”. There are so many websites on the internet offering application services. Some of them have gone so far as to copy content from our website, WORD-FOR-WORD! Some have copied our name and our business model. We find this flattering! But please be wary of companies charging too much and promising the world. Many of our clients lost out a year of study because they used a fly-by-night company’s service. Please do your research. Call us. Speak to any one of us and you’ll be assured that you’re working with a legitimate company that provides a genuine service and cares about ensuring your success.

We’re a consultancy. We provide advice and assistance with your study abroad requirements. Your success is our success.

We hope this helps address some of your concerns. Any questions you have are welcome.

Santhan, Diviah, Cristina, Mauro and Cecilia