How long is the medical school program at Romanian universities?

How long is the medical school program at Romanian universities?

All Romanian Medical faculties offer a 6 year medical school program. There is no internship required as this is included in the 6 year course in the form of clinical rotations and practical course work at hospitals. The Romanian MD qualification includes both a masters and doctorate. In the final year, students have to write a thesis and complete a state licence exam.

Sometimes, there are students who are unable to complete the academic year or don’t have sufficient credits to qualify them to move to the next academic year. In such cases the program can take longer. There are also situations where students have to leave studies for a year or two.

Fortunately in Romania the universities do not have a problem with students leaving and returning after a year or two.

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    Hello, i am consendrig to study medicine in Europe (EU). I am not sure which country I should choose? Can you help me find some information? I want to apply from 2021.
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    Muno Hassan

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      Well done for considering this career option. Which country are you from? What is your budget? What are your final year high school results? These are the three most important considerations. If budget is not an issue, and your results are ~80% average, then you can apply almost anywhere in Europe. If you have a smaller budget and average results, then I suggest looking at Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.