Victor Babes Medical University Quicky

  • Progressive management and leadership
  • Fairly high competition with a good chance of being accepted for early applications
  • English and French language programs
  • Beautiful city with several modern hospitals for clinicals
  • 100 (85 for EU applicants + 15 for NON EU applicants) seats for medicine in English and 40 for French (10 for EU applicants + 30 for NON EU applicants)
  • Dentistry in English (10 seats for EU candidates + 30 seats for NON EU candidates)
  • Pharmacy in French (5 seats for EU candidates + 55 seats for NON EU candidates)
  • Strong international student community
  • Vast cultural experiences in a city with a strong focus on art, music and theatre

Our Perspective of Victor Babes Medical University

There’s something really classy about Timisoara and the University Victor Babes is at the forefront of this prestigious presentation. But it goes further than just presentation, because at the heart of the university and the city there is a sense of the pursuit of excellence. UMF Victor Babes comprises of three faculties: Medicine; Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, offering programs in English and French or both English and French. We fell in love with Timisoara during our first visit in 2006 and we were delighted by higher living and higher thinking attitude of the Timisoarians! We highly reccommend Timisoara as a study destination to our clients. Along with Iasi, this is one of our favoured places to study medicine in Eastern Europe.

Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City Like in Timisoara?

Often reffered to as Little Vienna due to it’s occupation by the Habsburg Empire, Timisoara is one of Romania’s most beautiful cities. You’ll find a mind-boggling selection of beer patios, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops along 16th December 1898 boulevard. It is a multicultural city with influential minorities, primarily Hungarians, Germans, and Serbs, as well as Italians, Bulgarian and this happens to be a city in which all the groups get on perfectly! Did you know that Timisoara was the first European city to be lit by electric street lamps? Taking one of the self-guided walks through the old city is a must for anyone.


Here’s some good news! Timisoara Medical University charges €5000 per year for NON EU applicants and 5000 EURO for EU applicants, but there is also an admission exam for EU applicants.

Graduate Diploma
Program Languages Fee
Pharmacy French 5000
Dentistry English, French 6000
Medical Doctor English, French 6000

FAQs for Victor Babes Medical University of Timisoara

  • Who may apply?
    Anyone from any country.
  • What chances do I have of getting accepted?
    Apply early and you have a pretty good chance of getting accepted, regardless of your grades. In 2018, we noticed more applicants than seats, so it’s more than likely the competition for 2019 to be stronger.
  • What documents do I need to apply?
    The documentation for application files are modified every year to some extent. We’ve been working with Romanian Medical Schools for over 16 years and we’ve witnessed the gradual changes made to the requirements over the years. We’ve also noticed how a slight error in the application file may result in a rejection. We encourage anyone interested in studying at Victor Babes, to use our valuable service for preparation of the application file.

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