Will there be an increase in tuition fees for Romanian Universities?

Will there be an increase in tuition fees or will it remain the same for the 6 years of study?

The fees at all state funded Romanian medical universities was $3600 USD in 2001 when we first started marketing Romania. After 2007 and Romania’s EU membership status, the fees have increased. Now medical university fees in Romania are between €3200 and €6000 per annum.

The university fees have remained the same since 2008. That’s ten years that the tuition fees have remain unchanged. It’s difficult to say when the fees will increase, but we don’t anticipate a change in fees for the next 2-3 years.

Remember that Romanian university fees are one of the lowest tuition amongst all the EU nations. Click here for a current listing of medical school fees in Romania for each university.

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    I am a qualified doctor from India and a British citizen. I am interesting in doing Post Graduation in Family Practice from Romania.
    Please advise me the procedure.
    -What will be the fee and living cost?
    -Recognisation of degree back in UK?
    -Language requirements
    -Duartions of certificate courses?

    Dr Raj

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      Hi Raj. Congratulations on qualifying.

      #1 – Living costs in Romania are approximately €500 a month. Fees for postgraduate and specializations are approximately €7000 per year. See: http://bit.ly/1aspBIw and http://bit.ly/128cROd

      #2 – The qualification received from Romania is recognized throughout the EU and UK

      #3 – Romanian language is required and a language proficiency certification is necessary to begin studies. We offer a 1 year Romanian language program or an intensive 6 month program that prepares you for the Romanian language proficiency exam.

      #4 – Duration depends on the course. Specialization and  can range from 1year to 5 years depending on the type of specialization. Neurosurgery for example is 5 years. Anesthesiology is 3-4 years. Specializations involve residency under supervision of the program head and theory.