What is the medical degree received in Romania? MD or MBBS or MBChB?

What is the medical qualification received in Romania? MD or MBBS or MBChB? What do all these different titles mean?

In Romania the qualification is MD or Docotor de Medicina. This is the same title given to graduates of western medical schools. Tecnically speaking, only those with the MD qualification have the right to prefix their names with the title of Dr. MD graduates write a thesis at the end of the studies and the award of the title is given only if the thesis is approved.

MBBS signifies Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery. It is the title most often given in Commonwealth nations. Another name for it is MBChB. The abbreviation comes from the Latin: Medicinae Baccalaureus et Baccalaureus Chirurgiae.

MD is commonly used in the US and Canada as well as in some European nations. MD, MBBS and MBChB are all equivalent qualifications and hold the same international status. The actual qualification received by students completing medical schools, are in essence 2 degrees in one. A Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of surgery.

In practice graduates from the MBBS and MD programs have the right to prefix their name with Dr. even though technically it’s correct only for the latter.

Here is a link in the Wikipedia with more information:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachelor_of_Medicine,_Bachelor_of_Surgery

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    Dear Sir,
    Do i have to sit for PLAB if I complete my MD degree from any Romanian Medical School under EU recognition. After that can I practise anywhere in EU ???

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      Hi Vishwadeep,

      No you don’t. Graduates from Romanian medical schools have to register with the GMC and are then free to pursue a career in the private or public sector. For other EU countries the process may be different, however the medical degree from Romania is recognized throughout the EU.

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      Hi Vishwadeep,

      I wanted to clarify that Birtish Citizens will not have to participate in the PLAB exam, which is essentially a linguistic assessment. Citizens of other countries where English is not the official language, will have to participate in the PLAB exams.

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    Sir / Madam, I need a very simple ans from you,
    among RUSSIA, GERMANY, UKRAINE, PHILIPPINES , CHINA , ROMANIA which is the best to study MBBS / MD and have more value and respect ? easier to do MS after MD / MBBS in USA or UK? easy to pass MCI and USMLE screening test.
    Taught in totally English language, easy to learn, prof. in medical colleges are helpful, good atmosphere to study and to part time job.

    i asked every agent but they discuss only which they deal only. Sir, be frank and tell me the truth, after all it is the future of all INDIAN students.


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      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for the questions. Let me see if I can add a little to what Diviah wrote.

      Here’s how I feel the countries are ordered by recognition of qualification. Germany and Romania would be almost on the same level but Germany has been in the international arena much longer than Romania and has better international relations with academic institutes, boards etc. than Romania.

      1st – GERMANY
      Difficult to get a seat. We work with many German clients who we place in Romania. Part time work possible.

      2nd -ROMANIA
      Graduates can practice throughout the EU and most countries around the world. Popular with Indians. Many of our clients are from India. Graduates can enter into the UK and practice without any further exams. Also recognized by most states in the US, with California being the only exception. California accepts the qualification of *some* Romanian universities, not all. Full English language program. Professors speak English fluently. Great student atmosphere. Part time work difficult.

      3rd – UKRAINE
      Much easier to get into. More affordable. Popular with Indian applicants. Not as well recognized as the first two. Board exams for UK. We’ve heard complaints about the professors not speaking clear English. Part time work is a problem.

      4th – RUSSIA
      Similar to Ukraine, but maybe not as favourable international relations as Ukraine.

      Popular with Indian applicants. Very affordable and easy to get accepted. Not so well recognized internationally however, international applicants are attracted to the affordable fees and living expenses. You would have to confirm with MCI which universities from China and Philippines are recognized in India. Part time work is a problem. The study environment in China is somewhat challenging, but from the reports we’ve heard from our clients, it gets better after you’re there for a while. We have had complaints that the professors in China have bad accents and are difficult to understand.

      See here: http://bit.ly/17M8qS9 for difference between MD and MBBS.

      With regards to USMLE and MCI exam preparations, none of the countries above have programs specifically created to pass these exams. Usually graduates enrol into a private institute where coaching is offered to pass the USMLE or MCI.

      Ashok, it’s important that you do your research. Also be sure to know what your annual budget is. Can you afford €20 000 a year or is your budget less than €10 000 per year? There are many factors to consider! At the end of the day, what you need to decide first is where do you want to practice after graduating and then see with the ministry of health in that country (India I assume) if the qualification from X country and Y university is recognized by them.

      Warm regards,


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    You said that graduated of Romania can practice in UK directly .
    So I have MD from romania can I practice and have GMC registration directly ?