We've helped 100s of students from the UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, Greece, Italy, Canada, US and the REST OF THE WORLD, get accepted to study medicine in Romania and to Study Medicine in Bulgaria. It's important that we start with your application early in the application cycle to get ahead of the competition.

We know the European application process backwards, because we've been doing this for over 12yrs!

MSA is made up of a great group of people, who were there to help and organise the entire procedure. I am really grateful to both Diviah and Cristina for doing so much to make my dream of studying Dentistry come true.

MSA provides an amazing service, with constant contact and very quick replies to any questions. I definitely recommend MSA to anyone who wants to study Medicine or Dentistry, they really make the admissions process a lot easier.

Thank You very much Diviah and Cristina and the rest of MSA. 

Mujtubah Rasheed - UK

[Editor: Thanks Mujtubah! We...

Mujtubah Rasheed - UK

We're transparent and community driven. We believe the students we work with, are uplifting the world and connecting cultures.

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