Are there part-time jobs available in Romania for foreign students?

Are there part-time jobs available in Romania for foreign students?

Foreign students may find part-time jobs somewhat challenging to come by. However Romania has good Internet connectivity and one may use the Internet to look for online jobs as a part time alternate source of income.

Please make sure that you do not come to Romania with expectations of financing your study expanses by working part time. Although not impossible, it may be challenging for one to find a well paid part time job in Romania that will sufficiently subsidize their living expenses and tuition costs.

That being said, lets also understand that anything is possible! Who says that you won’t get an awesome job posing as a part time model or writing articles for a local English language newspaper.

We want to convey that it is better for you to have your finances taken care of before embarking on your study program. Your principal activity in this adventure is to study not to work! Besides studying medicine requires full time focus.

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    Hey I am a kenyan citizen and wanted to know if it is better for me to transfer from Ukraine to Romania to stay my 4th year in medicine,and the possible advantages of studying in Romania than in Ukraine..

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      The biggest advantage would be the recognition of the Romanian degree within the EU. The degree from some Ukraine medical schools are recognized by the GMC, but each foreign graduate will be evaluated individually. There is no blanket rule regarding acceptance into the UK. See: