Medical University of Constanta Quickie

  • Moderate competition. Good chance of being accepted for early applications.
  • Separate Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy faculties
  • English and Romanian language programs
  • Modern facilities
  • Located right next to the Black Sea!

Our Perspective of Ovidius Medical School

If you’re a lover of the ocean, then this one’s for you! Ovidius Medical School, which is actually a faculty of Ovidius University, is located in the bustling  city of Constanta. This is a modern faculty with a strong leadership team intent on making the faculty as hospitable and accommodating to international students. For this reasonm more students are heading to Constanta to study medicine in English.

Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City like in Constanta?

Constanta Medical University - Ovidius

Just about everyone in Romania flocks to the ocean during summer. Constanta becomes packed with people relaxing on the beaches in the surrounding smaller towns. The black sea is ideal for sun lovers. White pebble beaches with swimming pool like water. The city itself is the 3rd largets metropolis in Romania with over 300 000 inhabitants. Constanta is a university city with a fair part of the population being students. Constanta is a major port for trade in Romania and the city does have influences from other countries that have the black sea as their border.


€5 000 per year for undergraduate studies. The same fee for EU and non-EU.

Graduate Diploma
Program Languages Fee
Bussines Administration English 2200

FAQs for Constanta  Medical University

  • Who may apply?
    Anyone from any country. Science subjects get preference, although early applicants with fair results and no science subjects can also get accepted. In the past, we managed to get clients as young as 16-17 accepted.
  • What chances do I have of getting accepted?
    Apply early and you have a good chance of getting accepted, regardless of your grades. In 2018, we noticed more applicants than seats, so it’s more than likely the competition for 2019 to be stronger.
  • What documents do I need to apply?
    The requirements change every year. Really they do! The correct preparation of your application file is crucial. Please create an account for yourself on our site to receive the latest update on documents required for application to Ovidius University of Medicine.

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