Business Administration-Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania

Graduate field of study: Bussines Administration
Level of study: Graduate Diploma
Program Duration: 6 Years
Type of study: FULL-TIME
Tuition fee: 2200
Program Language: English
Mission of the Study Programme:

The Administration Study Programme is designed to meet the needs of personal skills training and development, the acquisition of basic and specialist knowledge in business administration, required to be applied in practice and research, in order to achieve performance and success in professional careers, the graduates being able to adapt and work effectively in various organizational environments, under multi-disciplinary and cultural diversity conditions.

Description of professional competences gained after graduation:
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing of economic data specific to the enterprise/the organization activity;
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing information regarding the interaction between the external environment and enterprise/organization;
  • Managing the activity of an enterprise/organization or a subdivision of the enterprise/organization structure;
  • Implementation of methodological norms,procedures,policies and programs of economic nature;
  • Carrying out of accounting topics, elaboration of economic and financial reports;
  • Loading and use of databases with economic character and elaboration of activities using information technology.
Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City like in Constanta?

Just about everyone in Romania flocks to the ocean during summer. Constanta becomes packed with people relaxing on the beaches in the surrounding smaller towns. The black sea is ideal for sun lovers. White pebble beaches with swimming pool like water. The city itself is the 3rd largets metropolis in Romania with over 300 000 inhabitants. Constanta is a university city with a fair part of the population being students. Constanta is a major port for trade in Romania and the city does have influences from other countries that have the black sea as their border.

What documents do I need to apply?

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