How do I know that it is safe for my son/daughter to study in Romania?

How do I know that it is safe for my son to study in Romania? I've heard stories about high crime levels in Eastern European countries.

Romania is a relatively low crime country. Petty theft occurs occasionally without aggression. The smaller the city the lower the crime rate. We work mainly with locations that meets our high safety criteria and that’s why we generally advise clients to avoid Bucharest. Some of the things we look at is violent crime, assaults, theft and burglary, all of which are not common in the smaller university cities we focus on.

Here is a link where you may find some statistics on crime in Romania: You will find that it does not rate as a high crime country in comparison to the rest of Europe.

The cities we send clients to study in are considered “university towns”, with a high population of students, both foreign and local. Romania is a land of many towns, villages and small cities, all of which do not have universities and for this reason Romanian youth go to university cities for their higher education.

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