How much does it cost to study medicine at a Romanian University?

How much does it cost to study medicine at a Romanian University? What are tuition fees to study medicine in romania?

Annual Tuition Fees for Romanian Medical Schools

Over and above tuition fees there are living expenses which work out to around €5000 for the 10 month academic year.

Some universities offer an assessment test for European Union candidates, who upon passing with a grade of over 5.0 qualify for a discount. The tests usualy take place in July and a reduction in fees is possible. The number of allocated seats for the discounted fees is limited.

Most of the universities prefer international students to pay the full tuition fees and that reduced fees are the priveledge of local students who require financial assistance. The best approach for international medical students who want to study medicine at a Romanian University is to budget on €5000 per annum. It’s always better to over budget. If you manage to get a place at the university which has a lower fee, then money left over from your annual budget can be saved!

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    Hello! I am 18, i just finished my Hong Kong Dipolma of Secondary education examintion, and waiting for the result now. I would like to apply romania’s medical university for bachelor degree program , i got outstanding grade especially on Biology. When should i apply ? What should i prepare? What subject can i choose (only teach in english) in each university? Any entrance exam ? •Timisoara Medical University and Vasile Goldis University, Arad , which one you prefer most? Looking forward for your reply, please reply by my email, thanks !

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      Hiya Hilary!

      “.. i got outstanding grade especially on Biology”
      Well done! Science subjects are favorable.

      When should i apply ?”
      As soon as possible. Some universities stop accepting applications at the end of July and competition increases the later in the cycle you apply.

      “What should i prepare?”
      Once you create a profile on our site, we’ll guide you on exactly what documents to prepare and send to us. Click the orange “Apply” button.

      ” What subject can i choose (only teach in english) in each university?”
      Most of the universities we work with teach the entire MD program in English. You can choose the MD or Dentistry programs. There is also pharmacy available in English.

      Best to create a profile for yourself and we can answer other questions via our help desk.