Study Medicine in Romania

Romania has become the go-to international study destination in Europe. Since 2007 and Romania’s EU membership, the progressive leadership at the universities we work with, have gone to great lengths to make their campuses and programs friendlier to international students who want to study medicine in Romania.


Here’s some reasons to study medicine in Romania:

  • Anyone can apply: no matter your age nor high school results , you may apply
  • Affordable: With an annual budget of €10 000 – €11 000 your accommodation, living expenses and tuition is covered
  • Low competition: Depending on which university you apply to, you have a fair chance of getting accepted. We have between 98%-100% success rate with our clients every year.
  • Central Awesome Study Environment: Romania has charm. It’s an amazingly beautiful country, easy to access via international flights and low cost carriers. 1000s of international students study in Romania every year giving you a wide field of exposure to different cultures and experiences.
  • High quality education: The universities we work with maintain the highest standards of medical education on par with the best medical universities abroad.
  • Internationally recognized degree: Qualifications issued by all of the universities we work with are processed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Culture. The qualification is recognized throughout the European Union members states and the United Kingdom. We serve clients from all over the world. More about Romanian Medical School Recognition.

Romanian Medical Programs

Our network of Expert Advisors help you apply to a multitude of international medical universities that offer accessible studies in medicine to international students. MBChb, MBBS, Medical Doctor, Doctor of Medicine and Physician all point to the same end. Browse below for currently available medical programs and come back again because we're constantly adding new programs.

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Here’s how you can put a smile on mum’s dial and realize your life goal of becoming a doctor, debt free and overcome the impossible odds of getting accepted back home.

group of students

From the years we’ve spent working with medical students from around the globe, we know how enthusiastic your parents can be about you getting into medical school. Sometimes more enthusiastic than you! Can you blame them?

Getting into a medical school back home can be a nightmare.

Frustrated medical school applicant
International students application process
  • 1000s of applicants all scrambling for a limited number of seats
  • Unrealistically high entrance requirements that make medical education accessible only to a few elite academics
  • High fees that demand you apply for a student loan to finance your studies
  • Pre-medical entrance requirements that force students to spend additional years of pre-med studies before they can even apply to medical school
  • Time wasted doing other courses like biomedical sciences and bachelor of science programs with the hope of getting accepted with all your recently acquired credits, only to find out 2-3 years later that it didn’t help.
  • Maybe you’re a mature applicant and you finally have the time and finances to pursue that life-long dream of becoming a doctor. But wait, the medical schools back home are going to think it’s crazy that a 50yr old wants to go to med school!

Don’t worry! It’s not all doom and gloom. I’m going to show you how you can put a smile on mum’s face and realize your life goal of becoming a medical doctor. But first take a minute to watch this absolutely funny video about getting into medical school 😉

[video: width:640 height:360 autoplay:0]

The video is funny, yet it’s surprisingly close to reality. What normal person get’s a 95% grade point average? Once a medical student myself, I can testify that the students who excelled in my class were not the ones who achieved exceptional high school results. The students who did really well were the ones who had a genuine passion and focus on their final goal, which was to become a medical doctor and make a difference in people’s lives.

The point is: you should not be denied the opportunity of studying medicine just because you did not do well in high school.

What if there was a way for you to study medicine, even if schools in your home country refused your application?
What if you could study at affordable, international medical schools with 100s of other international students from around the globe?
What if you could receive an internationally recognized qualification that would allow you to practice alongside your colleagues back home?
What if your highschool results were not that important and what if upon completion you would recieve a EU recognized medical  degree allowing you to practice anywhere in the world?

Study Medicine in Romania!

Accepted client from Sweden to Study Medicine in Romania
Romania as destination for medicine students


What’s the biggest challenge of getting accepted to study medicine in Romania?

Bureaucracy! This is the one area I feel that Romania has a lot to improve in. The application process and communication between universities and ministry of education is inefficient to say the least. Romanian medical universities do not have the staff to dedicate towards helping international applicants complete their applications. Many of our clients are applicants whose files were rejected when they applied on their own.

Preparing an application file is an exact science. We’ve seen candidates with fantastic high school results get rejected and our clients with below average results get accepted. The secret to being accepted to study medicine in Romania is a perfectly prepared application file submitted as early as possible during the application cycle. A well prepared application file, immediately puts you ahead of the competition. Because of Romania’s increased recognition of being an ideal study destination, the competition for limited seats gets stronger every year.

Ramona Nylmon - Sweden

I feel sorry for the people outside of MSA, they did not get the chance of meeting these wonderful people in such intimite circumstances. And I can only imagine the struggle they went through to get done everything we did.

If you’re serious about getting accepted use the services of an organization that will help you prepare a file that is 100% according to requirements.

We offer a transparent and valuable service to help you get accepted to study medicine in Romania.

  • We have over 10 years of experience working in Romania and we have a proven track record.
  • By using our application preparation service, you get immediate support and assistance with preparing your file so that it has the best chance of getting accepted.
  • Using our custom designed, easy to use online application platform, which we invested 1000s of dollars in building, we will work hand in hand with you to prepare your application to study medicine in Romania.
  • Communicate directly with us via our help desk and upload your documents for evaluation.
  • Get immediate advice and support to all your questions.
  • Receive a complete evaluation and review of your file before you send it to Romania.
Ramona Nylmon - Sweden

I feel sorry for the people outside of MSA, they did not get the chance of meeting these wonderful people in such intimite circumstances. And I can only imagine the struggle they went through to get done everything we did.