I wish to do postgraduate studies. Can you please advise me what Romanian universities have to offer postgraduate students?

I wish to do postgraduate studies. Can you please advise me what Romanian universities have to offer postgraduate students?

Medical Specializations and Postgraduate studies

Romanian universities offer several options for medical specializations. The Language of Instruction is Romanian or English only where the specialist in charge of the program speaks English. The specialization student should learn Romanian as soon as possible.

Medical Student Advisors service for postgraduate candidates

Medical Student Advisors (MSA) works with the individual interested in entering postgraduate studies at Romanian universities. We assist candidates with preparing their application and getting accepted into the program they desire. MSA also assists with arrangements with the university, organizing the Romanian language course and with logistics related to arrival and accommodation in Romania. We will provide information on the level of English the professor in charge of the postgraduate program has, thereby allowing you to make a more informed decision. When the professor in charge of the program speaks good English, the English speaking postgraduate candidate will be at an advantage.

Special arrangements and language for postgraduate applicants

We have made arrangements with the universities we work with for International graduates who do not speak Romanian, to be accommodated for. Such candidates will be required to enter into a Romanian language course either provided by a private institution, individual tuition or at the faculty where the candidate has applied to. This course will take place during the postgraduate program and the candidate is not required to know Romanian language prior to the postgraduate program. This provides an ideal opportunity for the postgraduate student as no extra time is added to the course of study.

Postgraduate studies involves mainly clinical work and hence much interaction with patients and other medical staff. Foreign doctors are allowed to practice in Romania, under the supervision of the Head of the Department where they are enrolled in the specialty.

Specialisation students are not required to do the Romanian language proficiency exam and it is their responsibility to learn Romanian.

Application Process for Postgraduate Candidates

The application process is very similar to undergraduate applicants. All postgraduate applicants, must get approval from the university, head of department for their specialization and from the Romanian Ministry of Education.

In addition the candidate must provide a CV, letters of recommendation from academics and copies of their MD certification.

The fees for all postgraduate programs are US$3800 per annum.

Please read here for more information on medical specialization programs in Romania.

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    is there any possibility to do internship during post-graduate period?
    and what is the possibility to get paid for the period of internship?

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      Hi Uma,

      Perhaps you’re asking about clinical practice during a post-graduate program. For most of the medical specialities a large part of the program involves clinical work, i.e you have to be present at the hospital. This is not considered internship as such and there is no pay for this.