I am 42 years old. I have a wife and 5 children......

I am 42 years old. Am I too mature to apply? I have a wife and 5 children. What will be the immigration and visa requirements for our family and will there be any kind of part time work available? What schools will my children be able to attend?


There are no age restrictions for applicants. You may apply as long as you are over the age of 18 at the beginning of the academic year. Different immigration regulations apply to the the various nationalities. It is best for you to contact your closest Romanian or Argentinean Consulate or embassy regarding this matter.

Part time work for foreigners in Romania is limited. In Argentina there is a greater possibility of finding a part time job. The average monthly salary in Romania is around €350 at the time of this writing (2006) and in Argentina around 250USD for employees without a university degree. There are various English language private schools that foreign children may attend in both countries.

Should you wish to come with your family, let us know well in advance and we will gather the information you require and assist in finding a suitable environment for your family.

We have had mature clients, ages ranging between 35 to 45 years, and have successfully placed them at a medical university.

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I have heard that after doing MBBS / MD from Romania or Poland, I do not have give MCI (FMGE) EXAM, I can practice anywhere in INDIA, EUPORE , USA, UK directly. Is it true?
Please give me your valuable suggestion, I really need your help. it's URGENT.

Europe and UK, yes. The USA varies depending on which state you plan on practicing in. As for India, we know the medical degree from Romania is accepted there as we have many clients coming from India, however it's best you contact the Ministry of Health and find out about the MCI exam.


I want to come to romania for my degree I'm wondering how much I can earn monthly while studying. pls let me know

Hi Harjinder! We ask all our clients to be fully funded before coming to Romania. Finding par time work as a foreigner is highly unlikely. Your best bet is to have an internet based job (copyrighting, virtual assistant etc.) which would allow you to work in Romania without restrictions. As a student, your temporary residence permit does not allow you to work in Romania.

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