Medical Student Advisors Company Information


Khanyi Media Corporation DBA Medical Student Advisors (MSA), is a registered U.S corporation.

  • Trading since 2001
  • Incorporated in 2004
  • Awarded a certificate of good standing by the Deleware State authoirity for every year since it’s incorporation
  • State File #3839662
  • Registered in the US federal DUNS database D.U.N.S #078739584
  • Paypal  verified business since 2005
  • Comodo Business Trust Verified buisiness
  • Part of a global company with several study abroad student consultancies under it’s umbrella

Reliable and Experienced

  • We are a dependable professional services consultancy, providing reliable services to international medical students looking for accessible study abroad opportunities.
  • We work hand in hand with universities and international students, bridging the communication gap between universities and students.
  • Parents and students from around the globe trust us because we understand how important education is in the development of an individual — and we take absolute care in ensuring our clients receive the best of our experience and knowledge.
  • We have years of solid experience working with students from all around the globe via our family of study abroad companies. places students in Argentine universities..

Global Presence

MSA works on the distributed company model with the team working remotely from South Africa, Romania, The United States and Argentina. We maintain a physical presence in all the countries we send students to, for their study abroad education and are able to work from different time zones, ensuring that our clients are responded to quickly via our help desk.

How we make money

We make money by providing a professional application service to international medical students who are our primary customers. We save our customers hundreds of hours of work and much frustration by using our experience and onsite staff to do the work for them. In a sense, we are a Professional Services Firm specializing in the international medical student services market. We provide personal advice to our clients via our priority help desk .

We also earn money through:

  • consulting services to universities on how to work with international students
  • developing marketing plans for universities that wish to attract more international students
  • commissions from private universities for recruiting of students

MSA in the Global Economy

We help to create employment wherever we send students. We do this by hiring local people directly and by providing work indirectly by services offered to students. We help stimulate the local economy in regards to tourism as we actively promote the city and country in which the medical schools are located in. Many of clients’ families visit due to our encouragement.

Future Goals

We’re committed to creativity and want to be a catalyst for change in the field of professional health care education. We believe the training most medical students receive today is too narrow and mechanical.

We want to introduce holistic and alternative healing modalities into mainstream medical education. Imagine when education in nutrition and mind body medicine is infused into training that medical students receive today. An effective way to reach out to medical students around the world is via online electronic learning management systems, much like what Edx does. Our long term goal is to be the first company to provide this training on a certificate level to medical students around the world.