Would it be possible for me to transfer to a Romanian medical school from another university?

Would it be possible for me to transfer to a Romanian medical school from another medical school? Can you tell me more about medical school transfers?

Yes transfers to Romanian medical schools are possible. It’s easier for students transfering from medical schools that follow the European Credit Transfer System, however we’ve helped students from all around the world transfer into a Romanian medical school.

Students transferring from other European universities will benefit if they are part of the ERASMUS, SOCRATES and ECTFS systems and most European medical schools are.

Students transferring from Universities outside of Europe will have a little more complications with the different methods of course structure and credit systems, yet it is still possible.

MSA has successfully placed transfer students from South African, Chinese, Russian, Caribbean and Hungarian medical schools into the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of the medical program.

Transfer students are evaluated on an individual basis by a committee at the faculty to which the student is applying. The evaluation committee look at the candidates transcripts and sylabus from the previous university, CV, extra curricular activities and other things when deciding on which year to accept the candidate into.

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    Hi Anne, thanks for your question. As far as we know Medical Universities in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary use the Europeon Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the Europeon Community Programmes called SOCRATES / ERASMUS. Transfers from universities within these countries are definitely easier.

    We have however assisted many of our customers who transfer from universities that don’t use the ECTS system. For example, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Ukraine, China, Russia and Nigeria to mention just a few.

    To transfer to Romania from a Russian medical university, one first has to apply to a medical university in Romania and get accepted. Thereafter, you would negotiate with the evaluation committee, presenting your transcripts, syllabus and CV etc. There is no definite way of knowing for sure what year you’ll get placed in, but you can make an educated guess by comparing the syllabus at your current university with the medical progam at the different Romanian universities. I hope this answers your question.

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      Nor Hilmi Rifat

      I am germen cetzin Stadien in the 4th in Ukraine dintestry year .I wold to Transfer to Bulgarien University dendestry,what can I do.Thank you

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    I want to transfer from medical school in Cyprus
    To another European school. The medical school follows pbl based education

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      It would be possible to transfer to Romania, but the evaluation of your credits and the year of transfer is decided by a committee at the university you apply to. Romania uses the ECTS (European credit transfer system) and its much easier to get evaluated if you’re transferring from a university that uses this system. Go ahead and create a profile on our website and one of our advisors will help evaluate your file.

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    I am a Swedish citizen studying on my fourth medical year in Libya wanting to transfer to a European medical school, is it possible? And if so, how?
    Thank you in advance

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      Transfers are possible, however Libya is not part of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) so the year of transfer given to you may be lower than what you have already studied. You will also have to take make up exams for any missing credits. Please create a profile on our website and we will be glad to assist.

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    Tasneem Nawal Momen

    I am currently a 5th year medical student in a seven-year course in Saudi Arabia. I am in my second last year of medical school. I have started my clinicals this year. I hope to transfer to a European medical school as soon as possible. I have completed A levels in my high school.

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      Hi Tasneem, seeing that you’re coming from a Suadi Arabian university, it is unlikely that you will be receive a transfer to 5th year or later. In my experience, the latest transfer year a student coming from a non-EU medical university receives is the 4th year.

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    Umeed Hamadi

    Can one transfer from dentistry after one year of it into second year of Medicine in Romania after passing their first year of dentistry.

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      We’ve actually used this tactic for clients who were unable to get a place in the medical program. They were able to successfully transfer into the 2nd year of the medical program.

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    Shao Hung Ko

    Dear sir,

    I’m currently a 6th year MBBS student from the Pacific (fiji national university, fiji), can i enquire if it’s possible to transfer to Romanian medical school, and if they use English as the medium and mode of teaching.

    and if it’s possible to begin at the final year or so? or the maximum it can go is the 4th year?


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    I m Nishya from India currently doing my 2nd year in dnipro medical institute of traditional and alternative medicine,Ukraine but then I want to transfer to Romania during my 3rd and i want to know how it cost for the transfer process and everything

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    I (am non EU citizen) have completed 2years of medicine in Germany.I have passed all the exams from University and got Certificates but have not yet done the government exam.So can i tranfer to 3rd year to Romania or any other european university
    Thank you

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    Sofia Bakalakou

    Hello, I would like some information about transfering (or Ects credit evaluation) in Romania from another university in europe.