Would it be possible for me to transfer to a Romanian medical school from another university?

Would it be possible for me to transfer to a Romanian medical school from another medical school? Can you tell me more about medical school transfers?


Yes transfers to Romanian medical schools are possible. It's easier for students transfering from medical schools that follow the European Credit Transfer System, however we've helped students from all around the world transfer into a Romanian medical school.

Students transferring from other European universities will benefit if they are part of the ERASMUS, SOCRATES and ECTFS systems and most European medical schools are.

Students transferring from Universities outside of Europe will have a little more complications with the different methods of course structure and credit systems, yet it is still possible.

MSA has successfully placed transfer students from South African, Chinese, Russian, Caribbean and Hungarian medical schools into the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of the medical program.

Transfer students are evaluated on an individual basis by a committee at the faculty to which the student is applying. The evaluation committee look at the candidates transcripts and sylabus from the previous university, CV, extra curricular activities and other things when deciding on which year to accept the candidate into.

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Hi Anne, thanks for your question. As far as we know Medical Universities in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary use the Europeon Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the Europeon Community Programmes called SOCRATES / ERASMUS. Transfers from universities within these countries are definitely easier.

We have however assisted many of our customers who transfer from universities that don't use the ECTS system. For example, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Ukraine, China, Russia and Nigeria to mention just a few.

To transfer to Romania from a Russian medical university, one first has to apply to a medical university in Romania and get accepted. Thereafter, you would negotiate with the evaluation committee, presenting your transcripts, syllabus and CV etc. There is no definite way of knowing for sure what year you'll get placed in, but you can make an educated guess by comparing the syllabus at your current university with the medical progam at the different Romanian universities. I hope this answers your question.

how do i go about with the transfer from meical school in Russia to Romania?

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