Monthly Student Budget for International Students in Romania

Setting yourself a fixed monthly budget will help you and your financial sponsors prepare for your study investment for the 6 years. It is priority that you do this from day one of your studies in Romania. Even if finances is not an issue for you, the practice of managing your finances will be useful in your life. The idea is to draw up a simple budget plan and observe this for 1-2 months and adjust it accordingly. Simplicity is the key here. The simpler you live, the more happiness and health you invite into your life. Fortunately simpler is also more affordable!

Some practical advice on how to reduce your monthly expenses are at the end. Here we have prepared an estimated budget for a student living very comfortably in any of the university cities we work with. This budget does not include Bucharest. For Bucharest add 30%-40%. A typical student budget

Rent 200
Electricty 25
Heating/Garbage/Water (less 50% in summer) 30
Cable 10
Internet (broadband/highspeed) 10
Phone (mobile + fixed) 15
Food 150
Transport, spending, misc. 50
Total € 490

From our personal experience we have seen students live with as little as €250 and we have clients who spend €500 just for their rent. There are many working Romanians who live in the cities with salaries less than €350.

Prices updated for 2018.