Online medical school application system and organisational upgrades

The MSA IT team have been at work over the last month upgrading the IT organisational structure of the company. The improvements include a more user friendly online application and communication system allowing for a smoother application process and communication between students and MSA offices. The system is expandable allowing MSA to add the new medical faculties that we are currently in negotiation with. The change in IT infrastructure coincides with a restructuring of MSA company objectives and purpose.


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      Dear Sir/ Madam,

      I would like to kindly request you to register me for the medical school in Romania university for the coming acadimic year 2007/ 2008.

      Kindly advise me on your requirements in order to prepare all what you request.

      Many thanks for your consideration and awaiting your prompt response.

      Best Regards,

      Zaid Nasir Hussain
      Dubai, UAE

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    I am 35 years old. I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and nursing MS in Microbiology. I am interested in foreign medical schools. I looked at medical schools in India and would like to understand the education system. I am wondering if this is correct, if I understand this: in India a student obtains a undergraduate degree in medicine and can practice as a general physician. The student can go on to post graduate degree to specialize. Considering I have two BS degrees, I did not think of receiving another BS degree. I am wondering if I could apply for a postgraduate degree?

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    Hadi Malak

    I’m currently studying Pharmacy at CSU, Australia. Am interested in foreign medical school due to the rigid requirements for entry in Australia. Please inform me of admission requirements abroad and effects studying medicine abroad would have once I come back to Australia if I want to do surgery.

    Kind Regards.

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      Hi Hadi,

      We’ve helped several Australian clients get accepted to Romanian medical schools. They have confirmed that the medical degree from Romania is recognized in Australia. I suggest create a free profile on our website to get a free evaluation of your results. Click the Apply button.