About Oradea University

Oradea University is a state owned medical university, located in Oradea, Romania in Eastern Europe, and offers internationally recognized qualifications in Medicine. The multi-cultural environment provides students with many opportunities to interact with learners from around the world.

The Medicine and Pharmacy faculty offers adequate spaces for study providing:

  • 5 lecture halls
  • 18 laboratories, an own library with reference departments,
  • 580 places for pre-clinical practice and all the facilities offered by modern endowment and furnishings.

Since being established in 1991 the University has seen a number of young students enter the establishment, armed with merely an enquiring mind and a passion for medicine, yet they leave as internationally accredited medical professionals eager to employ their newly acquired skills.

Environment and City

Oradea makes the ideal location for a University and is itself a University town, which has become popular amongst foreign medical students. The multi-cultural environment, low crime levels, affordable accommodation and food and efficient transport system make Oradea the perfect location to live and study in.

International Associations and Accreditation

Oradea University is W.H.O and E.C.F.M.G. Listed, Internationally recognized. Romania is now part of the E.U. this will further add to the credibility of their medical schools.

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