Oradea University application requirements

Oradea university follows the procedure of assessing medical school applicants that are common to all Romanian institutions of higher education.

Required Documents

After approval of the MSA online application, applicants are required to courier copies of the following documents. All documents are to be notarised by a public notary. If requested applicants may be asked to further certify their documents at their closest Romanian Embassy.

  • certified/notarised copy of high/senior school certificate
  • certified/notarised copy of birth certificate
  • certified/notarised copy of passport
  • original certificate of good health from a medical doctor or hospital
  • 4 passport photographs
  • completed and signed application form
  • a brief essay or letter of motivation for reasons to study medicine
  • certified/notarised copy of University transcripts (for transfer students only)
  • CV and copy of MD diploma (medical postgraduate specialization studies)
  • Signed MSA terms and conditions

Please refer to “MSA contact details”:http://www.medstudentadvisors.com/contact for postal address.

Applicant Requisites

All applicants must

  • be 18 years by October, the beginning of the academic year
    Have a valid higher (senior/high school) education certification
  • Be fluent in english language and be capable of displaying their fluency in communication during interviews if necessary. Our representatives, MSA will assess applicants in their English language communication skills
  • Applicants must be of good health and display good social behaviour and ability to integrate into a mature studying environment as well as interact with people of all colours and nationalities
  • Financial proof that students are capable of meeting the responsibilities. (A letter from the bank, sponsor or parent confirming this)

Academic results of the applicant may be reviewed to establish that the applicant is capabable of meeting the intellectual requirements of medical education. In cases of limited seat availability, applicant assessments will be based on interviews and academic results, with more emphasis on the interview and enthusiasm of the applicant.