Can I as a student apply for student accommodation at Romanian universities?

Can I as a student apply for accommodation at the university? What kind of university hostel accommodation is available?

Most of the Romanian universities we work with have student hostels, however many students prefer to stay in their own apartments. In smaller cities for example, the student hostels are mainly occupied by Romanian students who come from other cities and towns. In Bucharest however, the student hostels have a large number of foreign students.

So yes, as a medical student you may rent a room in a student hostel, but that would depend on availability. Priority is given to Romanian students who generally have a smaller budget. We advise our clients to go with a shared apartment at first, become familiar with the environment and then look at other options.

Generally the student hostels in the Romanian cities we have visited are in good condition and are really affordable. There are single and double rooms, communal bathrooms and kitchens as well as other basic facilities like call boxes, internet and laundry.

We offer clients assistance with finding accommodation when they arrive in Romania.

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