Targu Mures Medical School Quickie

  • 150 seats for E.U and non E.U applicants in Medicine
  • English language programs for Medicine only
  • High competition. Best to apply as early as possible.
  • Progressive leadership team intent on growing the English section of the Medical Faculty
  • The university has Pharmacy and Dentistry faculties
  • Vibrant small student city environment
  • Dentistry in English

Our Perspective of Targu Mures Medical University

Lead by a team of faculty members intent on bringing Targu Mures to the forefront of Romanian education, this medical university usually has all it’s seats accounted for by July. The medical university of Targu Mures is located ideally in a smaller student friendly city with easy access to flights to other parts of Europe. The university does ask non-native English speakers to prove the proficiency in English either via an internationally recognized certification or by writing a language test at the university. From the positive feedback our clients have given us, we’re happy to continue sending students to Targu Mures Medical University.

Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City like in Targu Mures?

Targu Mures has an international airport with direct flights from London, Luton via Wizzair. This is a smaller city, but big enough for you to get lost and never meet every one of the 130 thousand plus locals within a lifetime! Targu Mures certainly has it’s charm. Numerous friendly pubs, cafes and restaurants can be found on almost every day of the week with students.


€ 5000 for medical undergraduate studies and  € 6000 for medical postgraduate/specializations

Graduate Diploma
Program Languages Fee
Dentistry English 6000
Medical Doctor English 6000

FAQ for Targu Mures Medical University

  • What is the level of education at Targu Mures Medical University
    The best. Really. Romanian students from bigger cities actually come here to study. The hospitals in Targu Mures are reknown throughout Romania, with people travelling from far away to have their medical condition taken care of at the hospitals in Targu Mures. Targu Mures Medical University has always been recommended to us by the officials at the Romanian Ministry of Education.
  • Who can apply and what are the requirements?
    Anyone who completed highschool can apply, with preference given to those that completed science subjects. The seats are limited and there are usually twice as many applicants as there are seats available, so your chances are 50% of being accepted if you apply. If you have fair results, let’s say with an average of over 65% then, your chances of being accepted are better. If your average is above 70% and you have science subjects, then it’s more than likely that you will be accepted if you apply early. The admission exam has three parts: selection criteria based on high school results and extra curricular activities, an interview and a test.
  • Can I practice in EU member states after qualifying?
    Yes. Remember, as we mentioned above, the unviersities accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Edcation all receive the same degree. This by law, is recognized throughout the European Union.
  • Ask us how you can apply early and be accepted as early as April        https://clients.medstudentadvisors.com/

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