The Value of Our Medical School Application Administering Service

Here are a few suggestions (sales pitch!) as to why we feel using our service is so valuable to any medical student who wants to study at any of the medical schools we work with in Romania.

  • Careful application preparation

  • It’s our business to get your application approved. We take extra care to ensure each application file is carefully prepared. We make sure all the exact documents are submitted and that all documents are packaged in a folder for submission

  • Direct application submission and personal review

  • Your application file is submitted directly to the Ministry of Education in Romania. Our organisation has been given approval to hand deliver documents to an assigned official. When our Romanian representative, Cristina travels to Bucharest, she goes straight to this official at the ministry. The official then reviews the files with Cristina and ensures that all required documents are in place.

  • Courier service to deliver your acceptance letter

  • When your acceptance letter to the applied to faculty is produced, we courier the acceptance letter via international courier to your country’s Romanian Embassy. There is little risk of this important document getting lost.

  • Notification if anything further is required

  • As we are in direct contact with the officials who administer the application we can receive quick notifications if something further is required to complete your application.

  • Comprehensive client care and support

  • Our product is our service. We sell our service. It is our job to provide you with efficient and informative responses to your questions and be available to provide you with council on matters related to studying in your new environment.

  • Application pre-approval

  • We have been successfully placing medical students in Romania since 2001. We know what it takes to get your application approved. When you complete our online application, we assess your file and can give you a fairly accurate idea of how successful your application will be.

  • Bypass university selection criteria

  • Some universities in Romania have a selection criteria and review all applications before deciding whether the applicant can enter their faculty. Our applications bypass this level of selection as we apply directly to the Ministry of Education!

  • Quickest application processing

  • Many many of our clients are applicants who have previously tried to apply on their own. There applications were not successful for various reasons, yet none to do with the ineligibility of their application. By applying with us the whole application process is much faster. If there is something that needs to be rectified and it’s 1 week away from the application closing date, we move with speed to fix the problem.

Here’s some of the challenges you may have to overcome when you apply on your own.

  • Nobody to review your application

  • When you apply on your own, your documents are sent directly to the Ministry of Education or university in some cases. Since 2008 fewer universities in Romania accept applications directly. Why risk your educational career on a small error in your application or on a missing document?

  • Submission via postal systems and no accountability

  • Once your documents are submitted to the Ministry you have very little chance of tracing the progress of your application or let alone getting confirmation that the file was received! Once, we submitted documents via an international courier service as an experiment. The service was meant to be an overnight service so the documents were to be delivered the following day. We received confirmation that the documents were received at the reception. Thereafter we lost complete trace of where they went to. We called the person who was meant to receive the documents, but she had no idea what we were talking about. Why risk your application on lack of accountability for your file?

  • Standard postal service for delivery of acceptance letter

  • If your application is successful, your acceptance letter will be posted to your home country. You will not receive any tracking number or message saying that your acceptance letter has been sent. How would you know if this important document were accidentally mishandled by the postal services?

  • Incomplete application or missing documents

  • If there is something missing from your file, it’s your responsibility to find out about it and correct the issue. The time taken for you to find out about it (if you ever do, that is) and to the time taken for you to rectify the issue is going to be substantial. Perhaps if you apply 4 months prior to the application cut-off date there is a possibility of your resolving any issues. However from 2 months prior to application deadline, would you really want to take this risk?

  • If you have a question, who do you ask?

  • Since 2006 we noticed more universities setting up departments to deal with foreign students. Yet these departments are understaffed with too much to do. Do you really think a secretary speaking in broken English is going to give you satisfactory answers to your 20 questions? Or how about advising you on how to apply for your temporary visa permit and how much money to budget for an apartment? MSA advises and provides up to date information to all your questions about studying at the university you are accepted to. If there is a question we can’t immediately answer, we’ll ensure that we do the investigations and get back to you as soon as possible with the info you require.

  • University level selection criteria

  • Some universities who do still accept applications directly will review your file and make a decision on whether they want you as a student, with no clearly defined criteria. Why put your application through an additional layer of screening?

  • Time taken for completing the application

  • Ever wondered how long it will take to complete your application and receive the acceptance letter? Think about postal services, internal delays and rectifying any issues. Imagine trying to find out why your application was rejected from a giant machine like a Ministry of Education! Or why the missing document that you clearly remember submitting disappeared. It could take a really long time. Have you got lots of time to spare on unnecessary inconveniences?

When we asked clients why they chose to use our service rather than trying on their own, most said that we made it so easy. Some felt they were more confident placing their file in the hands of an organisation with the experience required to successfully apply.

Did you know we even process applications of Romanian clients? We have many clients who were born in Romania and moved abroad to the US, Canada and other parts of Europe who would rather have us administer their application than apply on their own. These clients speak fluent Romanian 🙂

MSA cares about your application.

We feel that at MSA we offer a valuable service. We would like to offer this service to you. Thank you for considering us.

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