Total Annual Budget for International Students in Romania

The information below has been adjusted for 2016. Then we updated it for 2017 and then we adjusted it once again for 2018. It seems that rental prices have actually dropped in Romania.

This is an annual budget for studying medicine in Romania. It excludes travel from Romania back to your home country, during vacation time. Living expenses include accommodation, local transport, food and spending.

We calculated the rental based on a two students sharing. It is still possible (though difficult and unlikely in your first year) to find a 1 room apartment for €200 a month. In winter, the monthly utilities are much higher. We’ve averaged out the utilities to €100 per month.

With €470 per month a student should be able to have enough to eat well and live in a moderately comfortable shared apartment.

Annual Budget for International Students

Living Expenses (10 months) €4700
Books €300
Holidays/Travel in Romania €500
Total € 5500

Tuition Fees

For the 2019 academic year, we advise clients to budget for €5000 towards tuition fees. Medical Student Advisors works with eight universities in Romania and the fees range from € 3200 to € 6000.

First Year

Needless to say, in the first year of arriving to Romania, there will be some additional expenses. It will take you a few months to get to know the ropes and find more affordable ways to do things. There’s also startup costs for your new apartment (appliances, kitchen stuff etc.) and miscellaneous small expenses. We suggest having an additional € 1000 for the first year. Often apartments will come furnished and in some cases the owners will provide kitchen utensils and cutlery. The complete budget per year, including tuition fees is approximately €11 500. This is a moderate to comfortable budget. Depending on the individual’s lifestyle, this budget will fluctuate. In 2011 rental prices in Romania have dropped. Some of the recent universities we have started to work with are located in smaller cities, where the cost of living is lower. It’s possible for our projected annual budget of € 11 500 to drop below € 10 000.

For Postgradaute/Masters and PhD studies the annual tuition fee is approximately €5 000.

Tution fees of international students must be paid for the year in advance.

One of the main reasons why we are so enthusiastic about promoting Romania as an ideal study location, is the high level of academic excellence at such an accessible fee. This, together with the ideal living conditions, makes Romania an ideal option for anyone interested in studying medicine abroad.

Currency Conversions

€ 11 500.00 (Euro) per year =




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