Vasile Goldis University Quickie

  • Degree recognized throughout EU member states and by the GMC of the United Kingdom
  • Moderate application competition
  • English, French and Romanian programs
  • There is a strong international student community
  • Updated modern facilities
  • Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy programs available
  • Medicine and Dentistry in English

Our Perspective of Vasile Goldis University

Arad Medical University as it’s commonly known, is truly a well administered institute. The university benefits from being privately funded and fully autonomous. It is a private university, however the medical degree from Romania awarded is the very same degree awarded by all the other institutes, issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Study Environment – What’s the Student Life and City Like?

Arad, the city is a mini modern metropolis! During our first visit to Arad in 2004, we were amazed at how well kept the city was. It had a somewhat Italian feel to it. Arad is considered an economic centre because it’s so close to the Hungarian border and much traffic goes through Arad between Romania and Hungary. The city is more affordable than most of the other cities we work in. It’s a smaller city with a population of around 150 000.


And here’s the winner! € 3200 per year. That’s almost € 2000 less than the other universities. The best part is that there is no compromise in the quality of education nor facilities. Arad Medical University has outstanding facilities.

FAQs for Vasile Goldis University

  • Who may apply?
    Anyone from any country. Science subjects get preference, although early applicants with fair results and no science subjects can also get accepted. In the past, we managed to get clients as young as 16 accepted.
  • What chances do I have of getting accepted?
    Apply early (before August) and you have a fairly good chance. The later you apply in the admission cycle, the better your high school results have to be.
  • What documents do I need to apply?
    The requirements change every year. The correct preparation of your application file is crucial. Please create an account for yourself on our site to receive the latest update on documents required for application to Vasile Goldis University from Arad.
  • What are the fees?
    Presently UMF Vasile Goldis charges € 3200 per annum for undergraduate studies.

Would you like to apply to this university?

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