Vision & Mission, Purpose & Values

Our Vision

Create a healthier society where health care professionals become friends that help people lead healthy and vibrant lives, free from disease and health problems.

Our Mission

To facilitate and provide easy access to medical training and medical field experience — and to create opportunities for international students who desire to work in the professional health care field.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help educate the doctors of tomorrow. We believe that in order to create a healthier society, the entire field of health care needs to be redesigned and the best place to start, is in the education of tomorrow’s doctors.

Our Values

Our family team thrives on the following values

  • Give Happy Service Excellence: Exemplary customer service with a double serving of happiness! Our customers’ happiness is what we care about most and we show this through service that goes beyond meeting expectations. We aim to give more in value through our service excellence.
  • Be Creative, Open Minded and Curious: Creativity is the essence of life. We are creative beings. The best fuels for creativity are open mindedness and curiosity. We work with customers from all over the world, customers who come from so many different cultures and who speak English only as a second language. We have learned the great importance of being creative, flexible and curious when serving our customers.
  • Discover, Inquire and Collaborate: We are constantly discovering new ways to be more effective by inquiring from clients, business partners and ourselves on, how our processes can be improved. We collaborate in our work environment, understanding that every person has something to offer. We firmly believe that collaboration is more effective than competition.
  • Be Humble, Honest and Responsible: – We strive to always be open about our activities; place the dignity of all people we interact with above our bottom line; conduct ourselves in a wholesome and coherent way in both our work and personal life; take full responsibility for our actions and be humble about our success. We believe our environment, both social and natural are of highest importance, so we tread consciously in our activities and look for ways in which we can uplift and serve society. For example, as a distributed company our team do not commute to work and we use almost no paper in our work processes.