What about racial predjudice and attacks on foreign medical students?

What about racial predjudice and attacks on foreign students?

Although we have heard stories of violent incidents arising from prejudice in 2001, we have not encountered this amongst our clients nor in any of the medical universities we work in. A lot has changed in Romania since 2001 and today the Romanian cities which we send students to are multi-cultural and safe. International students in Romania are popular and welcomed by locals.

This topic is not a concern. Parents can be assured that Romania is open to people of all nationalities, cultures and creeds.

Our selection of universities is based on first hand experience of the environment and social condition that surrounds the university. An open multi-cultural society is high priority in our selection of medical universities.

“We all patiently await for the day when most of us will see beyond and deeper than the physical appearance of another…deeper and further in to the true nature of every Being. Words like prejudice will appear only in science fiction novels. Until that day, remember who you are. Your Divinity is beyond prejudice. By you remembering, others too will remember.”

Santhan Naidoo

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