What about the religious and food requirements of Muslim students?

We have numerous clients who follow the Islamic faith and way of life. We do our best to research and provide information to our clients on where they find the closest mosque or supply of Halal food items. Most Romanian universities will have a Muslim community who tend to use community centres for their Friday evening prayers and as well as for other Islamic religious festivals. There will usually be a network of other Muslim students at your campus who communally buy halaal food in bulk.

We have placed clients from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, UAE and many other Islamic nations.

Generally as a Muslim student you should not find it too difficult to integrate into your new environment. Yes there will be a few small compromises, like no halal Pizza parlors or restaurants, but there will always be something on the menu to suit your diet and religious practices.

Remember that certain parts of Romania have strong Islamic influence coming from Turkey.

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