Where will I be able to practice after obtaining the MD in Romania university?

MD in Romania recognition. Where will I be able to practise after obtaining the MD qualification from a Romanian university? How well recognized is the degree.

In Romania graduates are given the title of Diplomă de licenţă de doctor medic.

With a Romanian qualification, you will be able to practice throughout the European Union and European member states. The GMC of Great Britain recognizes Romanian medical degrees and graduates are required only to register with the GMC for a license before they begin working in the private or public sector.

The MD qualification from Romania is issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education after the candidate successfully completes the final license exam and thesis. See here for differences between MD, MBBS and MBChB

The legislature upheld by the Health Ministry different countries or states outside of the EU may vary. Regulations are changing so often.

In the United States, for example most states accept the MD in Romania qualification. At the time of writing this (2012) California was not accepting the Romanian qualification, but then again California is one of the most restrictive states regarding FMGs (Foreign Medical Graduates). Things may have changed since recently.

We ensure that all the universities we work with are WHO listed and listed on the United States (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) ECFMG database as well as the General Medical Council (GMC) of Britain. The universities we work with are all accredited by the respective country’s health and education authorities.

British Nationals who qualified in Romania may register their licence with the G.M.C and begin practice immediately after successful registration.

For American and Canadian nationals, registering with the ECFMG and completing the USMLE holds more opportunities in comparison to a foreigner who does the same. Yet it should be noted that over 25% of health care professionals in the U.S have qualified abroad. The U.S has favourable immigrations policies for foreign medical graduates, who qualify in recognised medical universities.

“The U.S. Government welcomes foreign doctors under liberalized immigration policies. Hospitals, which have thousands of intern-ships welcome them to fill their open staff positions. In most cases these are hard-pressed or smaller hospitals, which cannot give the arriving doctors the extra training they need, and may exploit them as cheap medical labour.” Source – www.time.com

In South Africa students complete the local board exams and are required to do 2 years of community service.

The best way to get a clear answer on this question is to do some investigation on your by consulting the relevant authorities in your country/state.

Remember a graduate with outstanding results and unfailing enthusiasm will be welcome anywhere.

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    Yara Nasser

    1. Is Carol Davila university of medicine and pharmacy (Bucharest, Romania) degree, recognized in Canada?
    2. Will I be able to work in my MD in Canada?

    • admin

      Hi Yara,

      Thanks for asking. We have worked with many Canadian clients since 2001. All of them had the intention of returning to Canada. While we know of many qualified Romanian physicians who are practising in Canada, the process of getting a license in Canada is managed by the provincial and territorial authorities. Take a look here: https://www.mcc.ca/about/partner-organizations/ for Canadian licensing bodies. As to which Romanian university you qualify from, you receive the same certification for all the universities, which is issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education.