Application Requirements for Romanian Medical Schools

All applicants must

  • be 18 years by October, the beginning of the academic year (Under special circumstances, applicants under 18 may apply. Please contact us for more information)
  • have a valid high school certification (A levels, Matric Certificate etc.) that allows entrance into university
  • be fluent in English or French language
  • Applicants must be of good health, display good social behavior and have the ability to integrate into a multi-cultural study environment
  • show financial proof that they are capable of meeting the responsibilities.
  • Mature applicants may apply
  • Transfer students may apply for advanced placement into the medical program

There are no pre-requisites and no criteria for acceptance other than the candidate have an average to above average grade on their high school certificate and that they meet the above mentioned requirements. Simple right? Not quite.

Some Romanian medical schools have begun an internal system of reviewing applicant information and making a decision based on their own specific evaluation criteria. Furthermore applicants may find the processes involved for a successful application challenging and time consuming.

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