Romania – Country and Culture

Brief History of Romania

Total population of Romania is 22,270,000. The major part of the total population is covered by the native Romanians. However the Thracian tribes were the first dwellers of the country in the prehistoric era. They were also known as the Dacians.

The other races of the large ethnic variety in Romania are the Hungarians, Roma, Ukrainians and Germanic people. Some other members of the minority also exist in the country. They are the Russians and the Turks. When One mentions Romania many people conjure up images of Dracula or Transylvania. Truth be told, Drucula was a real prince and yes, Transylvania does exist. They are just a part of the rich Romanian history. Research done by a Romanian archaeologist at Bugiulesti, Valcea Country, has led to the discovery of traces of mankind that dates as far back as the lower palaeolithic era – appoximatley two million years BC.

Romania joined NATO in 2004, and the European Union (EU), alongside Bulgaria, on January 1 2007.


In Romania painting is a very important section in the field of art. Painting of the religious gods and goddesses is a common practice in this country. Nicole Grigorescu is a famous painter from Romania. He is primarily known for his impressionism. Some other famous personalities from the field of art are Mihai Eminescu, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Vasile Alecsandri, Andrei Muresanu and Nicolae Balcescu. Rural crafts are also very popular in the country.

At the piazzas (outdoor markets) one may find a variety of beautifully crafted hand made items ranging from jewellery to clothing.


Since various tribes and races have gathered in the country, Romania has developed a diverse and ethnic cultural field. Caloianul is a ceremony used to invoke rain and Dragaica is a harvesting custom of Romania. These are celebrated in the summer months. Romania is rish in culture and folklore. Travelling through the different regions of the land reveals a splenderous cultural heritage still maintained by the elders. Alas the younger generation have clearly moved away from the countries rich heritage, however there are still a few bright eyed young people who will enthusiastically share stories of their culture with visitors.


Similar to the art of the Romania, the musical field is also touched by ethnic diversity. The contemporary sections of Music in this country are influenced by pop, the hip hop, rock and roll and heavy metal music. Some of the traditional folk music forms are also very famous.