Cluj Student Registration Guide – A step by step guide by Medical Student Advisors


Students are advised to purchase a mobile phone and a sim card from a service provider like Orange or Vodafone. Also purchase around $12 additional credit as you will be making many calls finding out about apartments for rent. Budget for around €20-€30 in taxi fares during the first week, for looking for your apartment and completing the registration process.

Please invest in a headset for your mobile phone. Mobile phones emit radiation and should not be placed against your head or in direct contact with your body. Try to use an organic or leather pouch to store your mobile in and switch the mobile off when not in use.

Have Romanian leu available for taxis. You will be taking taxis all around the city during the registration process. If you are familiar with the city, you may also take trams.

Buy a city map and Romanian phrase book as soon as you arrive.