Documents deadline and close of applications for 2010/2011

We’ve all been working around the clock these last few days, processing last minute applications to the medical school programs and resolving issues on earlier applications.

As of today Thursday, September 8, we will not be accepting any new applications to study medicine in Romania for the 2010/2011 academic year.

Those who have already been given the go-ahead from us to send their documents, please make sure you use an overnight courier service like DHL, FEDEX or equivalent to ensure your documents reach us by 5pm, Monday, 12th September.

Thank you to everyone for making such a good effort to complete your files.

Applications for the next academic year will begin within 2 weeks and if you were unable to make the deadline for this year, you’re welcome to apply early for the next academic year and secure your place now.

All the best!

The MSA Team

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    i`m a nurse from israel
    i finished my BA in israel, and been working in a very big hospital here.. i want to know if i can apply to study medicine in Romania and be able to skip some of the courses that i`ve studied
    thank u, khalil

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      You can certainly apply to study medicine in Romania. With regards to being credited on specific courses, it depends entirely on where you studied, how many hours/credits and what supporting documentation you can provide.