2007 applications for Oradea University

As of Monday, 6 August 2007 no further applications can be guranteed for Oradea University's October registration. The faculty has informed us that due to new regulations, they will not be accepting applications from our clients after August 6.

We encourage applicants to complete their online applicatins as MSA are working on a few alternative arrangements for late applicants and for those who have just joined us.

The possibilities include 2 other faculties in Romania that we are finalising agreements with and another option on a completely different continent: Argentina! in South America

More news about this shortly.


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Dear applicants,
You now have until 14 August in which to submit your application documents to our office. This date is the final for October 2007.

I have already submitted my documents and you have received it.What is left is for me to pay the MSA fees which you sent me your bank details and my parents are already working on it so you can go ahead with my application.i also want to ask thay due to the banking system and thier delays for confirmation of payments,if you dont get the slip by the stipulated time,does that mean you wont still send the documents to the ministry in romania.?

Dear Tosin,

Yes of course we will!

All the best

can you please tell me what documents should i send you. tankyou

Could you please send me what all document I have to send for my further process and also who can certified my documents do i need to do it by lawer or can army attache can certify my documents.

please tell me what to do next.

I filled in my personall details.
But my application status says process 0%.

please send me a list of things that i have to do.

My Name is Vincenzo Salerno Ref# 1798. I have filled in all details of Application, but still says Phase zero. is this normal or have i made a mistake? thank you and kindest regards.

MSA says that the application deadline was on 31st.July so you might
forced to wait till next year.

the university semester is starting from i believe 1st october. if the ministry has extended the date till 25th november then won't we be missing our precious studies.

Yes naturally you will have to catch up with whatever work has been missed.

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