New MSA Go Study pricing starting at 995 Euros

We’ve listened to all your requests and have finally managed to create a more affordable option for clients who just want to use our medical school application service. Well it’s more than just an application administering service! You can read here about the advantages of using this service option:  Here’s the basic info on this new Go Study Budget package… MSA Go Study Budget €995

  • Application Administering
  • Hand Delivered Application Forms
  • Emergency Support
  • Student Guide (Digital PDF Format)
  • MSA Support Centre correspondence
  • Courier fees
  • Full access to MSA Client Portal
  • Notices of special offers

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    can u pliz let me know the total initial fee required to complete application in a romanian medical uni
    registration fee??
    admission fee??
    translation fee??
    tuition fee usd3600.00