General Review – Romanain Medical Schools

Why Romania?

Located amongst the beautiful architectural delights of Romania, the medical schools in Romania are quite often in spacious solid old buildings which have a unique character.

We are very enthusiastic about Romania as a study location and see it as an ideal opportunity for individuals looking for an affordable way to pursue their life path. The low tuition fees of Romanian universities are a bonus. The real opportunity lies in being exposed to Romania’s rich cultural heritage, the beautiful people, the unique language, the amazing and diverse landscape and safe environment while being educated at an established accredited institute. The cost of living in Romania in comparison to western Europe, the US and Canada is much lower. Romanian universities do not have stringent entrance requirements and there are no entrance exams.

Some History on Education in Romania..

The first university founded in Romania was Al.I.Cuza – the University of Iasi (1860) located in the north east of Romania in the city of Iasi. After the overthrow of the Communist rule in 1989, a major reform was initiated by the higher education institutions themselves. Under the reform programme, the number of students enrolled in the various study programmes available in Romania has been on a constant increase in the last decade, reaching 353,228 for the 1999-2000 academic year. This huge increase is also the result of the introduction of a new opportunity for the Romanian citizens to pursue studies based on tuition fees.

The Romanian higher education system…

…is administered by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth (MECT) functioning in keeping with current national legislation. It is organized on three cycles of under and post graduate studies:

– First cycle (licenta) corresponding to bachelor degree
– 2nd cycle (master) /specialization corresponding to master’s degree
– 3rd cycle doctorate corresponding to doctor’s degree PHD

Tuition Fees at Medical Schools for International Students

Undergraduate Medical and Pharmaceutical Studies – $3600 (USD)
Specializations and Doctorate studies in Medicine – $3800 per year

*Since 2007 Romanian universities have taken an autonomous approach to their fee structure. The Ministry of Education sets a guide on fees and the Universities are free to charge according to their own decisions. The fees are now € 5000 at most universities for undergraduate and post graduate studies for all international students.

There is a possibility of reduced fees based on optional entrance exam results